'Aussie Outback' - digital painting

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Hey guys! This is a digital painting I did in 2015 representing the Aussie Outback. Normally I'd use a lot of blues, purples and lighter colours in my artwork so I thought I'd try hard to use colours I wouldn't otherwise. Fairly simple use of loose brush work just trying to get in the flow. Sometimes it's the quickest 'warm-up' style pictures that I end up liking the most. I hope you enjoy it too :)

The Australian outback is know for it's red dust and so I wanted to try and put this into an image. It is very different for me but I really liked stepping out of my comfort zone. Also the rolling storm clouds were a fun experiment and I've since used this in other artworks.

Aussie Outback.jpg


I upped and resteemed it

Thanks mate, much appreciated :)

Dude!!! The bullet holes in the kangaroo sign! Attention to detail x 1,000,000! Clouds look so good.

Did you work off a photo or this came straight for the ol 'creatin' noggin'?
So good... could you not actually sell these prints on Steembay or something? (Assuming you'd want to of course)

Thanks my bro! Can't have an outback sign without the old bullets holes eh!

I think I got the idea from somewhere in pieces, like seeing an old shack and then seeing some clouds etc. and it just comes together. If I had reference pics I'd normally save them but since this was done 2 years ago and I've done about hundreds of artworks since I'm not really sure.

Never heard of Steembay to be honest. If people wanted to buy prints, sure, but otherwise I'm just happy to paint cos it's in my DNA 😊

Steembay is an auction tool within Steemit... so to bid I would just reply with a comment like 'bid 10' which bids 10 SBD for the item. I don't think it's super popular yet, but you can set a reserve that covered postage and handling so I don't think you could really lose... and these pieces are so good!

Very cool. Check out my oil paintings! Voted and followed.

Thanks for your comment @talli-art. Your oil paintings are really well done! If I can offer a suggestion though you should write a bit more about your art, maybe even process pictures (if you have them, which I didn't for this particular image unfortunately). People will be more likely to want to upvote and follow you if there is a person behind the blog, not just "Here's a painting, follow and upvote me". Steemit is about a community and if you're here just for the follows and upvotes you'll find you may get many followers but very low upvotes. All the best :)

Love this should hve way more than 16 c

Thankyou @ultravioletmag I'm ok with whatever to be honest, just grateful that so many people seem to care to comment unlike on social media. I have been doing some form of art my whole life always for passion and fun, not for money, so whatever it makes is really just extra 😊

What a great painting @spaceginger! Love it!!

Thanks @blancokarl, I really appreciate your support and glad you got some joy out of it 😊

Very cool! Great work @spaceginger!

Thanks @gavinthegreat I appreciate you stopping by 😊

Beautiful painting bro!! love the swirly patterns of the clouds and colors of the painting!! :D

Thanks @artlover! Yeah it was a really fun technique to play around with and I like the distinct look about it.