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Next pages of my comic, written, penciled, inked, and colored by me. Even the text is a special Photoshop font I made, using my own hand-writing. :)

I started writing this story twenty years ago, but at first it was a screenplay. Many years later I realized it would never be a movie, in fact it would never be anything, unless I finished it myself.

Page 4:


Page 5:


Page 6:


Page 8:


Thanks for watching!

Previous pages:
Next pages:


i love the drawing

Great story telling....

Very interesting story so far! :-)

This is very cool. Love her facial expressions.

Great to see you doing your own comic and doing every aspect of it yourself. Look forward to the rest.

Really loving this series. Each panel is exquisite.

Will there be a print version available for purchase? (In the mean time I'll just save the pages in a folder...)

I really love the panels with the muscles and nerves being overlaid by skin. It's so glowy and convincing looking. Also loved the frame transition from blue to pink from what I guess is her memory to the present.


Thank you! You noticed that! Yeah it's meant to be narration by the guy who was in charge of creating her, since we'll be meeting him later, but for now I guess memories works too. :)

Yeh I'm not sure if I like that guy already ;D Ahh I was going by she seems to be being made in the blue panels and then suddenly in the pink panels it looks like she's massacred an entire neighbourhood.


Aaaah so interesting :D Really dramatic, also. The pacing and how the panels unfold are nicely done <3 Definitely here for the ride all the way through \o/


Your comic is very polished looking! It must take a lot to finish each panel. Very nice colouring also :).


Thanks! Yeah it does take a while... :)

Shit just got real,..and fast! She's not human, but will she have a name...?

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