Painting video of "Crazy Kristina"

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This is a pinup style illustration from a photo I took of a girl named Kristina. She wasn't actually crazy of course, I added some bits in my painting that make her look like it. :)

It's speeded up a bit, I'm narrating the process over the top. It's about 27 minutes long.
I used some free Gamelan music in the background.
Hope you like it, let me know what you think!


My name is Steven Stahlberg, I joined Steemit in December 2017. I was born in Australia, grew up in Sweden, but now live with my wife in Kuala Lumpur. I've lived here about nine years so far, and love it!
I work as a lead artist in a game company here. My two sons live in Sweden. I'm working on a graphic novel in my spare time. I use an older version of Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 3, larger size.
I do self-upvote, but I wait so I'm not the first. I don't buy votes. Thanks for watching!

Links to some of my other art:


▶️ DTube

Very nice tutorial for such an interesting drawing! I liked the part where you were creating the curtain. At first, it just looked so basic and it transformed into such an elegant background to compliment Kristina in the foreground.

Great job with this post. I'm going to bookmark it for the future, when I inevitably start messing around with digital artistry!

damn this is krazy art!!! I love the added elements and you are just simply amazing!

@Stahlberg is the digitalmancer! The visage looks super perfect and I like the way the T-shirt was worked. Thanks!!

the gamelan guys are really at it!

Beautiful @stahlberg !!! Love the tilt of her head and her expression <3 so sultry~ * ___ * but dangerous owow~ watch out for that razor on her hands~ waw


Thank you! :)

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from normal girl, to crazy psycho killer girl xD. Cool video, I like the texture effect you made in the background

Pretty nice technique and aesthetics. I've checked your other drawings and you are really good and worth following. I'll be checking more of your art in the future. Thank you for sharing it with us! And don't worry about self-voting. Everyone whose vote matters does it. You also got a curie vote, so <3 keep it on! you're an amazing artist.

Wow so beautiful! Love the way you put light in your artworks

I love it man! I love to watch the creation of art, and this is a perfect example. Thanks for narrating it, it was really helpful to hear some of the thoughts behind this.

And keep sharing this art with us, I love it! Much love, Luka.

That was another masterpiece!
Always enjoy your art bro!

Infamous but sexy girl ;) Well done again

Its amazing how u always play with unusual composition of light and dark but it always works! Great work!

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The textures you manage to get with your paintovers are so great - do you make your own brushes or do you have any particular sets that are your go tos?

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