Portland Adventures: Got Inked... Again

in #art3 years ago

Who Gets a Massive Tattoo on Vacation? Me!


Finally got this piece colored in and got some more peacock feathers added to the bottom part. The talented Bailie Waters did the do, and I’d recommend her completely.


  1. Did it hurt?
    Um... it’s thousands of needle stabs. So, yeah, one tends to feel that! But did you know that some parts of the body are WAY more sensitive than others. For this tattoo, the parts near the elbow were harder to bear than the other parts. The rest was uncomfortable but not painful.

  2. How long did it take?
    The line work (outlines) were already done for 75% of the tattoo. So, it was just a matter of color all over and adding the feathers at the bottom. It was a long session, and I was in awe of Bailie’s endurance (she said she was awed by my patience and ability to sit still that long)... about 4 hours and change.

  3. How much did it cost?
    Bailie’s hourly rate is $150.

  4. Why a big ole peacock?
    It’s a visual representation of so many life lessons. Primarily that, like a peacock (male anyway), we can’t hide what makes us great. It reminds to me to be bold, not play small or hide, to look for what makes other people remarkable, to always be brave enough to be genuine and gentle, yet to show up as fierce as needed as I fulfill my purpose here.

  5. What about work?
    I’ve been working from home as a freelance writer since 2005. I’m 50 now and it’s highly unlikely I’d ever seek a “real job” again. Tattoos are becoming so commonplace now that it’s not likely to be a problem, and it’s easy enough to dress in a way that they’re all covered.

  6. What about when you’re old and in a nursing home? Won’t you regret having tattoos?
    Honestly, I kind of picture a bunch of us all showing off our ink and telling the stories behind them. Tattoos are becoming so much more mainstream that, at least among the people I know, it’s about as likely that they’re inked as not. What I’ve found is that most people who have tattoos have stories and deep meaning behind the ink. It’s like making a memory visible, literally wearing our hearts on our sleeves (or other body parts!). Even taking into account the ravages of time, the visual representation of a feeling, memory, or value only grows more precious.

So, how about you? Have any ink?


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