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This is a special photographical art which I did today. The first picture is actually some kind of a paradox because the lighthouse appears totally black. I used an angle placing the setting sun right behind the lighthouse's window which I found really interesting.

I wonder if anyone else might have had that idea before.

The object is the Maspalomas lighthouse on Gran Canaria which I posted about earlier.

The second picture shows the sun right between this lighthouse an clouds.

All pictures were taken by me with Canon EOS 6D + EF 70-300mm L with polarizer.

@steemokto for quality and original content on steemit. Enjoy and share if you like it.


Great shot!

Thanks. You seem to be a really interested and active follower :-)

I will make a similar photo as soon as I get near a light house, how's that for active following? 8-) For now, I'll just resteem it.
BTW I can't see the second photo, wrong link maybe?

That would be cool. I can't see the second picture either. I tried to fix it but it won't whow up. The link is definetely working

Interesting shadow effect. "Light on the house " :-)

wonderful picture!