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RE: 'More Tulips' ......from @bleujay's Skye Fleur Collection

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Hi @bleujay, it is unusual to see black and white tulips, but do you know that there are also very dark red almost black sort of tulips too. That is way it made me to think about those ones when I saw your digital Art. On the third picture from top, it made me think about kissing tulips that one in the middle, doesn't it look like that?

And of course the tulips under the rain that is the most beautiful one, I love spring and summer rain, I believe the flowers too.

Thank you for this nice selection and for such lovely flowers.

I wish you @bleujay and @bentleycapital nice and enjoyable weekend!


Hi ya @stef1,

Lovely to hear from you.

Ah yes....I see....what you are saying. Do you see the 'lips' on the leaf to the left in the lead and the second one now we have kissing tulips and lips. hehe ^__^

English gardener-ess? ^__^ ... Rosemary Verey in her book 'Garden Plans' has a suggestion of using ' White Triumphator' lily-flowered tulips with what is called a 'Black Parrot' tulip.....which as you say is rather a dark burgundy perhaps. Interesting thought and very different combination....which bleujay is keen to try.

The 'Rainy Day Tulip' was featured in a bleujay post nearly two years happy to hear you thought it 'beautiful' is a favourite.

Thank you for for your kind wishes for's wishing you and yours a lovely weekend!

Cheers! Lovely chatting with you.....thanks for the cuppa.