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RE: 'Pears and Grapes' .....from bleujay's Art Collection

in #art2 years ago

Wow, I love that @bleujay! Such beautiful painting, you have created nicely layered colors, that give the impression of three-dimensional objects. love those grapes, the combination grapes and pears match good together. I remember from your previous post, you showed the watercolor that you bought. You made a good choice the intensity of colors amazing.! Thank you for sharing your work and wish you a nice week :)


Greetings @stef1,

Thank you for your lovely artistic complimentary words.....appreciate you stopping by for a cuppa.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the artwork.

Have you heard of the artist Shirley Trevena? Her work is mostly WC. Her book 'Taking Risks with Watercolour' is fascinating.

Thank you for your kind's wishing you a lovely week. ^__^


Thank you @bleujay for advice, I definitely read Shirley Trevena's book. I still feel that there are much I have to learn and that book may have some tricks and tips for me. I wish you a nice day, till next time...