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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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It feels like you were experimenting the the program to create these images. Looking through them especially starting from the lowers one upwards, you can see the mountainous surface that was limited initially but step by step was getting bigger. It is like jump in the time where we see how once dimension is intruding into other. It was more like cyber world but slowly the natural real world was replacing it, and at the first picture it looks almost normal mountainous area like up here in Scotland or any other countries away from civilization, where you stand on one hill after long hiking and suddenly you see that beauty laying at your fee, endless mountains that after years of volcanic activity finally received its current shape and form. You look at sky that is also endless but the horizon both of them finally meet together. As a child I thought that it was end of the earth there at horizon, so you think that it is not for away and you can reach it but every time you come closer the horizon is still in front of you.

That was probably a reason why people in the early years were traveller and discoverer because of curiosity to find out what is behind hte horizon.

As always beautiful digital works, @xpilar


Thank you for your thoughts and a good description, like it @stef1