3D modeling, see how I create worlds!

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Hello, I prepared interesting message for you again! In my previous messages I told you that I draw on canvas and in graphic editors. Today, I want to tell you about how I create 3D graphics and 3D layout.
These are ordinary drawings and complex projects on construction, also apartments and houses design as well as constructions and monuments design.
I was always interested in creating something unique, because photos can be almost identical, although photos were taken by different photographers and under different foreshortening. In 3D it is different; it is more beautiful and interesting.
My work place for designing:
These are masterpieces that I'm creating. If you are upset you can admire them. You can draw and take a trip to other galaxies!

Also, I want to share with you the layout of the room that I created. Do you like it?

Everything begins from the flight of fantasy. To be more precise, from inventing the concept. After that, we start to model the interior items.
Gradually drawing the details.
Everything should be in place 3.jpg
Choosing foreshortening and setting up lighting
What makes the room more realistic? Right, gradually we add and set up materials, also do not forget about external world, draw a view outside the window.
Pay attention to the mirror that hangs on the wall. We start to paint out our room, at that moment the mirror turned into a picture, you have full freedom of action.
With each step, the final version of interior is showing up (drawing up?). It is not a real constructing or repair, that is why we can change any colors or materials. For example, towards the end I decided that sofa suppose be solid. Finally, final rendering of the entire picture with post production. All this work was done in 6 hours of continuous work, it is a very painstaking process, but at the end we get such beauty.
It is very difficult and long-term process. You need to pay attention on every detail, move to our goal and step by step create such beauty. I studied this about 3 years, first in my free time, later I dragged in into this fascinating world and began to devote more time to it.
After a year of improving my skills, I passed attestation and got certification!
In the next message, I will try to show my 3D works and let you visit panoramic room, which I created and decorated!
Thanks everybody, who follows me and vote for me, I am very pleased. I did not expect to be met so warmly.
Please, don’t miss my messages; it is very interesting with me.


Nice write up dear..keep doing it like you always do..please follow and upvote me @smarthamster72

Молодец, отличные работы, хорошо пишешь.

Спасибо! Рада видеть русскоязычных на steemit!

This is just amazing! Apparently, there is a whole world I didn't know about it... You are really talented and I just wish you to successfully keep on doing it.

Thank you!
Do you really like it?
If you really like I will continue!

I really like it. I think you have some sense of it. I was amazed seeing all the little details. Like reflections on the photos and lights, the subtle shadows and the view through the windows. I think it would be a big shame if you wouldn't continue doing it.

Thank you!
Tomorrow I will make another 3 D message, I think you'll like it!

I'm 3d Artist too. That looks really good. Do you use vray?

Wow! This island images looks soooo real, it's uncanny! :-O Great work! How much time did it take to complete?

The island took 3-4 hours, the room about 6.
Are you really interested? :)

@stewardessa such a amazing work how to learn 3D ?

In fact, this is more complicated than it seems.
There are both online and offline schools, look in your city.

I love the interior one alot!!these are something great!!Cool!!

Wow, how realistic!

It's a work of art in 3D!

Wow it is amazing 3d.
It seems true.

Lovely work. Crazy realistic. Are you on behance as a freelancer? or have you landed a gig?

This is more of a hobby and as an additional income.
Thank you for coming to me!

You're such a talented Artist! Great work you do and I love you can go to other galaxies, it looks fun & awesome!

Wow I always wonder how 3D modeling works! Thanks for sharing!

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Nice work. I actually use Revit for most of my 3D Modeling and render in the Enscape3D VR plugin. Love the photorealism in the images.

What renderer are you using? You program interface and mesh look like this is from 3DSMax.

Keep up the great work.

Great beautiful design love it.

its wonderful :-)

I simply cannot believe all those pictures were computer-generated, they all look so realistic... You are very, very talented. I hope to see more of your wonderful 3D models in the near future.

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