The Fat Chameleon - In Color this Time

in #art2 years ago

By PublicDomainPictures on

Almost a month ago, I showed you the first stage of my beloved clay chameleon.

In the meantime, it has been fired, painted, and fired again to make it colorful and resistant against the elements. Now, without further ado, here we go:






I'm immensely happy with the result and am now only looking for a name for him.

Looking forward to taking the little critter with me to Ireland!


Very nice handwork @suesa
Somehow, Hugo came to my mind when I first saw him :-)

Hugo is a popular alcoholic drink, idk if I can give my baby that name xD

Yeah, you're right. Haven't thought about this :-D
As long as you will not call him Jack, everything is fine :-D

Already went through several possibilities that were discarded:

Leon - Was the name from an asshole kid back in school
Charlie - Reminds me of "Charlie the Unicorn"
Merle - Feminine name and my baby is a boy
Liam - I don't want to be "Taken"
Karl - That kills people

Will have to think some more about this. Maybe it's good that I do not want actual human children because I'm bad at finding names.

The thing with the names is complicated. Each one remembers you to something that was better to not be remembered at :-D

Karma Chameleon, like the Culture Beat song?

The question about names is that difficult that there is even a website about it.

To find a name for your own child you have ~9 months and hopefully a daddy with some great ideas :-)

Already considered calling him "A Bitch" because "Karma's a Bitch"

Bitch is a little bit hard for such a cute chameleon.

Very nice. I like the final colors on it!

I would call it Sponk.

Sounds like Spock's slightly mentally challenged little brother

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