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This message is very deep, it really have a lot in it. I read the story by Napoleon H and i must say it was really touching. I really felt for the man, what a waste of time and effort and just with little persistent, he could have gotten there. Am also so glad, he learnt a lesson and put the result he got from the lesson into test in another field.

This somehow sound like my steemit journey. I remember i was doing ponzi fully and a time came ponzi became frustrating here in Nigeria. If you place your money in any one, it will just zoom off and that will be the end lol. I call my self to order and i said i want to stop ponzi, not too long, my ponzi friend told me about steemit, I checked on it and i keep seeing people receiving cent.

One spirit came to me and i said if i be on Facebook for more than 8 years and no day has Mark Z rewarded me, then i should park my belonging and move here and see if in 8 years it will be same. That is how i came to steemit, starting bogging at the end, i met Host of others including you who have contributed/change my life Massively. Remember what i showed you that i possess, it is fully from steemit and no other place. You can see consistency is the key.

* challenges is bound to come/creep in, holding on is the key. To round it all, i remember i joined steemit when sbd and steem were just 1$, and i never got discouraged but things changed and it went up before this current down time.

* never look at the now, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel. Don't be like the story of the man above, just keep digging and surely you will get to your dream land which is the Gold.

am not settling for the less, the three feet to Gold must be attained @rok-sivante.

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