#3 Weekly Hipster Sacrifice - "I don't eat meat. I've got my kale shake."

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With a new week comes a new death.
We're at the third week of the Weekly Hipster Sacrifice. The show were you get to choose how to kill me once a week while I try to exorcise the hipster that is in me.

This time the way of death was suggested by @cryptocatz, who suggested "a death by horrible vegan drinks or food".
So here you have it.
Thank you @cryptocatz.
It wasn't a nice way to go but I feel much better now.

If you want to take part in this gory journey let me know in the comments what trait of the hipster culture you think that should go and, of course, let me know how you would like to see me die next week.

See you guys around!
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Haha! Kale shake?!?!? What is that?!?

What about a polaroid-selfie-explosion or something similar?!?
Autoscatto esplosivo, haha!

Wow! That’s a great idea 😄 I’ll start working on it right away.
Next week I’ll blow myself up; curtesy of @steemitri 😂

Can't wait to see what you
come up with ✌

I am still sort-of getting used to accepting hipsters as legitimate people. I've gotten to know a few a bit better, and I'm optimistic that they have actual souls. Maybe.

I am very ok with this hipster death ritual you're starting though.

What about:
• Superbugs from vintage clothes?
• A dangerous mixology session/poisoned drink.
• You trying to impress someone by attempting to be a "real" lumberjack.
• Food poisoning after a way too long instagram session with your dinner.
• Another hipster murdering you out of jealousy for that fabulous beard.

Ahahahah!!! That was hilarious : )
I usually only take one request but since you complimented that weird bush growing on my face, I will die a couple of times fallowing your instructions.

Next week I’m already working on an explosive encounter with a polaroid.
But you’re next 😄

Haha a Polaroid encounter is a great idea too!

Yeah I went a bit heavy on my suggestions lol!

Holly shit, what did I just see?! 😁 That GIF is awesome, man!

Thanks for resteeming it @steemitri ;)

Thank you man. Much appreciated 😄

Yeah, @steemitri is awesome!

Thanks @the-beard! you should follow Dan if you like photography, beer, and some other awesome stuff ;-)

Yes, we followed each other immediately 😄

Hi Dan! Yeah, @the-beard got a great blog ;-)
Take a look at the other posts :-)
Have a great day!

I already did :) Have a great day too!


I feel like I just washed an SNL sketch, lol. I can only imagine the "know-it-all-ness" in your voice when you said you don't eat meat.

Good job

You got that right. Luckily I learned my lesson on the spot. That same night I had stake and don’t plan on going back to any of those horrible drinks.
If you have any suggestion on ways to kill myself in order to get rid of the hipster that is in me, feel free to let me know!

Have a good one!

I love it!
This is exactly how I imagine myself on vegan food, sorry vegans 😆

Ahahah! Thanks for the resteem.
Thanks to you I finally cured the plague of vegan food. Tonight I’m having elk! 😄

Kale-shake? Though I'm vegetarian, and this shake could be very healthy but I'm sure it has a horrible taste!
Do you have a Sony walkman? Or a record player, to listen music from the 80's?

Yeah, I bet it tastes awful!
I have a record player and a bunch of vinyls.
I wanted to collect them at some point, but then I had kids and at that point it didn’t make a lot of sense.