#4 Weekly Hipster Sacrifice - "Of course I take selfies. But with my polaroid!"

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Here we go again!
With a new week comes a new death for the hipster that is in me. Hopefully at some point I will be able to cleanse myself of all these annoying traits and become a normal person again.

Anyway, this week's death is brought to you by @steemitri who suggested:
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 23.47.38.png

Well, my friend, you asked for it so here it is:

As always, if you want to take part in my journey to exorcise my inner hipster all you have to do is suggest a trait that you don't like of this culture and then find a creative way to see me die.

I hope you are enjoying these gifs as much as I am enjoying making them.
See you guys around!
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This is absolutely hilarious. I love your creativity, followed you and looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Hope you’ll consider submitting something to my Art Mix Up Contest someday. Deadline for this week was extended to Friday. ;)

Thank you!
You’re too kind : )

I will definitely check out your Art Mix Up Contest.
I’m already working on two new posts for this week so my plate is pretty full right now. Do you have these contests on a weekly basis?

Anyway thank you again for appreciating my work. And if you have any idea on how you’d like to see me die next week don’t hesitate to tell me : )

hahah..yes this is true..its a reason way u cant get polaroid camera in certain places in cities..:P

Those damned polaroids... always exploding : )

Hahaha, as a self portrait artist I very much particularly love this 💕

Well thank you!
Every week I die for you guys. Literally : )

If there’s a way that you would like to see me depart from this world let me know in the comments.

Cheers 😊

Trust me I’m thinking on it! 😉

OMFG!!! This is hilarious!! Thank you for sharing your death here and I need to read through your series so I can suggest something hahahahha

Thank you!
I will patiently wait for your decision on the way you see fit for me to die : )

Ok I got it getting stabbed with a craft beer bottle after insulting another person's taste in main stream beer hhaha
Or allergic reaction to undisclosed nuts added to a craft beer!!

And also you might want to check @derangedvisions you might hit it off

That’s a good one.
I’ll keep it in mind for one of the next sacrifices : )

I’ll check out the channel. Always looking for others that like blood and guts like myself : )

Hahaha hipster death #2

Thank you sir! ; )

LOL!!! Fortissimo!
La fotografia Polaroid finale è il top!

Un momento elettrizzante immortalato per i posteri 😁

Grazie per l’ispirazione!

Please consider killing yourself with one of those annoying jam jar drink receptacles. Don't forget that an environmentally friendly non-plastic straw has other uses uses, too

Mh... interesting.
Did you have a specific scenario in mind? : )

How about a tantrum where you throw your jar against the wall and then use the pieces to slit your wrists? You could also stick straws in your eyes. Damn, I have a sick mind

Jeez... you like it pretty gory eh?
I’ll see what I can do : )

Thank you!

Well your polaroid death was hardly bloodless. That got me started. I could also suggest some used vinyl scenarios... Death by eighties music and all that

That’s a good one!

And you’re right. I like it pretty gory myself.

Unfortunately I already touched on the vinyl scenario on the second entry of the series

But I’ll come up with something : )

Death to mason jars 😂

You do know you gotta kill
the actual beard 1 day ...
😇 😁

Yeah... I know.
I’m just not ready 😂

Lol, yes!