Creating my first Unity game

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When I was in my second year of my current studies we had to create a game inside Unity. Unity is a game engine, where you throw in 3d objects and let them interact with each other. Since this was my first game I wanted to keep it simple.

I started modeling the island first and created the windmill next along with some small assets. There is a fence, a little box and grass to which is all made in Maya. I then textured everything and imported it into Unity. The clouds you see in the level are just sprites being emitted into the scene. The tree I created with the Unity tree creator. I think I spent around 6 weeks creating this... When you learn it all starts out slow.

Did you reckognize the reference?

Of course you did, I got my inspiration from the Gorillaz video clip. Feel Good Inc. (@ 2:36)

I should really recreate a visual effects version of this with my current skills.

I don't remember what grade I got :)


Great work! When I was studying game design and production we were using unreal engine and maya to get our projects done. I sometimes still have nightmares about UV unwrapping haha

Yes UV unwrapping is hell.

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