Looking for more @names for Steemit visual effects

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Render time: 83 hours and 12 minutes or 3.46 days on 8 hyperthreaded cores at 2.4Ghz

In my last post I submitted this video to promote Steemit in the way i do! With visual effects. For my next video I wanted about 50 names to drop from the sky, but unfortunately only got 17 names. I could do it with 17 names, but that wouldn't be cool. I want to create a big pile of at least 50 names. And that's why I am reposting this again. Now that we have the reblog function I hope more eyes will see this post, so I can fill up the list.

I want to give you guys a chance to be in my visual effects...

I want you to comment on this article if you want your name to be in the next video. The remaining 33 spots will be filled. I will keep the list updated in this google document. It will take some time to render, but I will give you a heads up on steemit.chat when it's done!

Make sure that when you comment you make sure it's not a reply to another comment. I will reply to your comment when I've put you on the list.

I also left behind some wallpapers!

I also create wallpapers out of my work. Enjoy!

1 - 1920x1080

2 - 1920x1080


The video and the Steemit wallpapers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


If you missed my last post on Steemit Fire... It's here.

Watch my videos on steemspeak.com!


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Excellent work @thebatchman I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
full $teem ahead!

Got you on the list streetstyle, thank for your comment!

how much longer you think @thebatchman ?

let the names be seen, let the names be spoken!
I would love to be added to your list if you have a spot free for a cute little but very much biting venomous snake! (( Smiles really cute))

Glad to have a fellow dutchie! You are on the list madame! 28 more to go! Thanks for your reply!

(( Smiles wide and hands him a plate with cheese and little flags))

If you have room, feel free to add my name!

I put your name on the list! Thank you for your comment!

By all means, put me on the list.

Got you on the list @mada! Can still use another 24 names! Thanks for your comment.

This is beautiful! Nice work :-)

Thank you for your kind words. I put you on the list @m0kc!

I want to go down in history too)

Added you to the list! 26 to go!

Please include my name too, if I'm not too late :)

Still got 29 names available, tell all your friends ;). Got you on the list!

Very cool - upvoted, reblogged and followed. I would love to be included in the video. Cheers.

Thanks for the reblog, really need that now! The list is growing, but not near 50 yet. Got you on it!

Thanks @thebatchman. I'll do what I can to spread the word.

in deal! make slower like in matrix when will be my name))

Haha, would be very cool! Unfortunately if I do one name, everyone wants theirs in slow motion. :) I put you on the list!

ok, you can rotate it) or make mirror reflection... do i can choose color?

Make a suggestion of a color and I will see if I use it.

Very good idea. I'm 80 years old and would love to be included if you can use such a relic. Haha

Hey team101, of course I'd like to include you! You are on the list!

i like dynamics and particles simulations but i like design more...
But Houdini s2, dat software is the shit!

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