I don't like 3D-CoatsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #art5 months ago

Now I'm going through training course on 3ds Max, and there is a few lessons on 3D-coat (sculpting, retopology, texturing), and texturing in 3D-coat is sucks.

I already wrote about 3d-Coat yesterday, but in the night I found some unpleasant bugs with brushes.

How it could be that brush distorted on plane surface? A little lower it works perfectly. A little higher - and it leans over. I spent about 4 hours trying to understand how it could be. No answer. No preferences in 3D-coat. No help in Google. And an old manual with no updates (5 years? 7? And they want money for this program?)
And copy-paste works not so well...

Yes, 3D-coat great for a retopology, but for a sculpting I'd prefer zBrush (or even Blender! For free Blender is great! Awesome!!!). But for texturing I need to try something else.


Mudbox попробуй. Много кто пользуется, и осваивается, говорят, быстро.