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Hmm, so inspiring. Sometimes we get into things for the wrong reason and we fail to understand the main purpose for which those things were made. Most people in life aren't where they would have love to be, just because they haven't really known them self's this is why self realization has been my watch word since this year started.

When we actually know our capabilities then, we should know where we fit into in humanity and know what works for us. Take myself for example I'm studying Medical Laboratory Sciences in University of Nigeria not because I ever had passion for it but because of the harsh economic conditions in Nigeria and I was told that if I studied a professional course. I would be successful in life, but I have seen doctors in Nigeria who still beg for food. Because it wasn't there original calling in life.

I'm not disputing the fact that you might not fall in love with what you're doing in time to come but when these things don't work out we tend to get frustrated. We would have done better when we really found our purpose in life. Looking at where you're in life no matter what you've achieved, there seem to be this satisfaction when you achieve what you really wanted to do in life. Many people end up with the wrong spouses because of some of their selfish desires, some others because of their greed and whatsoever. I would be Frank with you even me myself, I entered into steemit because of the funds but it's not working out and I was frustrated at first but you won't blame me cause it's really difficult for me here in Nigeria. But I got to find another purpose which was self discovery and I really appreciate @rok-sivante for his support in my life. He really might not understand the feeling but if you can see this it's from the heart. All these in essence is to find out what works for you and be good to others, because you might not know who is watching, sorry for the break in transmission I went short of data, finally got a Wi-Fi connection in my class today. Please mind my grammatical errors, I would also work on that too.

Thanks at @rok-sivante, I remain my humble self @tobex. Stay blessed 🙏 ✌️❤️



You're welcome ✌️