poem by Arthur Rimbaud - Démocratie

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Hello my friends, my name is tuulikki
For my introduction on steemit, I chose a poem about democracy from a French author you already know!
I'm from Finland, my name means goddess of the forest animals."~-~"
Like you I aspire to a better world, decentralized and honest.

" The flag goes to the filthy landscape, and our patois chokes the drum.

At the centers we will feed the most cynical prostitution. We will massacre the logical revolts.

To the peppery and soggy countries! - At the service of the most monstrous industrial or military exploitations.

Goodbye here, anywhere. Conscripted of goodwill, we will have ferocious philosophy; ignorant for science, routed for comfort; puncture for the world that goes.

This is the real march. Onward, march! "