Birthday surprise for Amanda

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This lovely man here is Christopher Lowe and the lovely lady is his fiancée.

Mr. Christopher contacted me on Instagram to make an artwork for him to gift to his fiancée on her birthday. we reached an agreement and I started the work.

I had joy making this art piece because the picture has so much joy in it. The emotion passing a message, The simplicity and chemistry in the picture. mehn! It was really an interesting experience.

This piece took some days to be completed. Let's say I was a bit busy with other things. Ofcourse I was. Made cards, had some prints done, went farming, taught in school, It was really a busy week for me but Despite that, I still got the job done. Please tell me that I am amazing. Well let me be the first to tell myself that. "Unyime you are aamazing" hahaha Unyime That's not the right spelling. It is AMAZING. Take correction bro I know you are excited. hahaha Offcourse I am. Who wouldn't be.

It is always relieving to get positive and encouraging feedbacks from clients and Mr. Chris did not just give a positive feedback, he helped to promote my work on all his social media platforms. This was real love shown to me by Mr. Lowe.

Since I stay in Nigeria and Mr. Chris stays in the US, I had to ship the artpiece without frame to avoid damage and I am glad it got to him on time.

He made a video to surprise his fiancée and I was referenced in the video. Click here to watch the video.

Here are the progress shots I took while making this love piece.








The finshed piece

The Reference


What a fantastic work, @unyimeetuk! Simply perfect. You captured the moment really well!

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Amazing, amazing art. I love that you showed all of your steps. Wonderful art.
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This is more than excellent art piece. Great work @unyimeetuk.

I'm blown away by the perfection of the art work. The precision is just something else. Damn!!! This is an exceptional job.

Keep up the great work.

Hahahah, okay! You got it! You are amazing :D :D :D!!!

A very beautiful work of such a happy pair, and you captured their likeness and their happiness so well in your picture ! No doubt that this birthday surprise gift would make anyone happy :D :D :D

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ehy dear @unyimeetuk, your work is magnificent! you are right: there is so much love and joy in this image, that it must be nice to be able to draw it and I think it is not easy to reproduce those smiles of understanding and that magical atmosphere of harmony between christopher and amanda !! you have been able to catch that moment of infinite love, well done !! have you studied art or are you self-taught?
I hope you can have many jobs like this.
congratulation for your curie rating :-))

What a lovely gift to his fiance! Oh and they are so happy. I can imagine that she was crying when she saw your drawing. I know that I would be, lol.

Perfect work as usually. You are very talented in what you do :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

That's a huge surprise to his fiancée bro.

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