Speed drawing with colored pencils

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Materials: Prismacolor pencils uni-ball Signo. Strathmore 300

Track - Carousel - TroyBoi X JN!CK Remix









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You have talent 😁
Have a nice Day

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It can't be! I know Shin Hye, I'm a big fan of Korean culture, I know she's an actress from there, I see a lot of doramas and her face sounded familiar. I love your drawing, very realistic

I'm glad you know who she was. Sometimes I don't know what to draw. It's pretty random ahaha

So lovely drawing. She is looking so beautiful specially her eyes. I appreciate your beautiful creativity.

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Thanks again for the great support :)

Wow, i can't believe this, it doesn't look like a drawing at all. Amazing skills.

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Thank you for the compliment. That really makes my day!

You truly deserve it, no need to say thanks..😊

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Wow. You should design Splinterlands card skins!

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That would be cool. lol

You really are a great artist.I really like your artists.

Glad you like it :)

Your painting is very real, friend ... I almost thought it was a real photo.

My daughter and her friend are drawing right now. I said what do you think of this? She says “that’s a drawing!!” She was just amazed as she scrolled through! Very realistic!!

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Ahaha kids can be so adorable these days. lol Thank you

Thank you so much

wow.you should design steem monster cards. LOL

Maybe a legendary? Ahaha

How about 'Legendary-V'(aan)? :-)

This come also very cool 😊 soft and warm colors, I hope you make something black and whote alao soon 👌👀🌟

I do like black and white art. Maybe soon :)

Then soon I'm back 😊

So you were taking speed while drawing this? Amazing!

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I don’t do drugs ahaha

my god, you are good in this, amazing!

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I think I’m okay. Ahaha Thank you for the awesome support my friend!

I Love your Paintig amazing. The Painting looks really realistic. Great Job. Keep up.

I’m happy you think so :)

So attractive art ! Really a great art , she is very lucky!

Thanks for the compliment my friend :)

Sir vaansteam. Your lovely painting inspire me to be a gret painter as you . You talent is extremely good .. i love your painting. It owner to me i hope i will see your painting again and again . Thank you very much sir for your amazing painting.

I’m glad I inspire to start painting again :)

hello I liked your work a lot, you have enough talent, congratulations, I am new in this medium, I will be publishing my works shortly, I hope you like them. Greetings from Venezuela

Hope to see your work soon

Is it your work? Wonderful!!

Yes, thank you @bji1203 mr champion😄

Your drawings are so lifelike, very nice.

Trying to improve. I still go a long way to go

The final Picture looks pretty realistic to me. I wish I could Sketch like this😊

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Nice work bro.

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Good painting. :)

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And you say it's speed drawing?? I suppose you have tons and tons of hours behind practising drawings like these...

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nice drawing sir
have a nice day good job ^^

Really amazing! I wish I could draw like you.

I think anyone can

You draw very well, beautiful, congratulations.


It's really good.

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Glad you think so :)

You are always welcome sir. People like you always inspire me. 🙏🙏🙏. Thanks for upvote

great thing, really great.

no off topic

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I loved your drawing, you have incredible drawing skills.

Wow! Fantastic drawing.

Wow this is a great job! I like what you do mixing colors in order to make volume, and the stroke is very soft and delicate but precise and smart. Have you tried watercolors? think it would be nice to watch if you do :) thanks for sharing your work! i really like it :)

You did it very well. Great job!!

Congratulations on your portrate.
The hair style looks very real you have painted a superb painting.

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muy bello dibujo parece una fotografía

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@vaansteam, could you show the photo source of inspiration for this artwork? Thank you