Logo for a Steemian, inspired by "minnowtowhale"

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Hello Stemians! I was looking for giveaways and contests and I saw someone who was looking for a logo so I made this one in my free time...

I used the colors of steemit's logo, a clear font, and a stylized minnow. Then I had to merge/blend my objects so I decided to add some lines which look like a cyrcle, then I convert the top lines to "water" (I inspired by whales) and in the same time the bottom and upper main lines to outline of a huge whale. So the logo finished! The final result looks like a minnow becomes a whale!

I hope you like it! If anyone need something like that let me know! Maybe my designs will help you in your steemit journey!

100 % own work


Like your post 😊 Just give you up vote @veibone

I really like the concept, the execution of the minnow, but I think the whale needs to be more whale like. Needs a mouth, blow hole (something to do with "I"?) - could still be subtle suggestion of a whale, but just a little bit more. Maybe a less (than minnow) whale eye?

Great work though.

it is known to me, my English isn't so cool maybe that is why the article has so many "I" ... Sorry if this hurts your eyes! Next time my post will be better ;) thank you for your comment and for the advice!

The letter "I" from PUBLIC in your logo could be connected somehow with the whale's blowhole - not "I"s in your post.

Your logo didn't hurt my eyes at all. I thought that the whale could HAVE an eye.

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@veibone εγώ θέλω ένα logo!!! Που θα σε βρώ;;;

Tha sou milhsw to suntomotero dunato sto steemit greece:)

Upvoted Resteemed and following all

Thank you very much for your support

It looks like a whale eats all the money.

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