Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Gargoyle' (Part #680)

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Nasty little creature guarding so many buildings. A lamp post, in this case :D

Enjoy! :D

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One of the most fascinating attractions, for me, of the baroque (is it a baroque piece, isn't it?) is the work he does on fantasy and the dark side of that fantasy. The grotesque beings, of the underworld or of the fantasy that erupts into horror speak of a depth of imagination and an apperception of reality that is very complex, rich and, within everything, amusing.
Here we have this lustrous animal coming from who knows what place in the underworld. It's beautiful, @velimir!

I remember that once I went to a house that had a gargoyle in the shape of a Lucifer. I couldn't stop looking up. The function or meaning of some objects are sometimes inexplicable. This feline, dark, tongue out and prominent nose image is terrifying to me. Sometimes up there are also evil beings, not just angels. ;). Nice day for you, @velimir.

Gargoyles will always be very dark beings, even if we only admire them as cultural heritage. They arose in medieval times, above all
in the Gothic, with the inheritance of the fantastic bestiary of Greco-Latin mythology, have exerted an impressive influence on observers of all later times. Famous those of the cathedral of Notre Dame; hopefully the recent fire has not destroyed them. This one you show us in your photo, @velimir, is very striking. A kind of dog with dragon eyes -perhaps- has its greatest effect thanks to the leaden black color given by its material, and, of course, your framing.