Week #23 Fox Tales : Announcing last week’s winners and a new story image!

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If you love writing stories then this contest is for you! Write a one paragraph story about the image pictured above. Be creative, think outside of the box, and follow the contest rules! 

Sorry for the delay in releasing this announcement post! Above is last week’s story image and a big congratulations to the winner’s! Please take a moment to read their stories below!

1st place // @rlt47Countess of the dark

“Cloak please,” ordered Countess Antoinette when it was time to go. Marie, her maid servant, carefully draped the heavy cloak over the Countess. Her cloak matched Phillips’ exactly – it’s one they both wore, five years earlier on the eve of his trip to Paris. She made her way to the outbuilding on the edge of their property situated in the dark forest. Upon her arrival at the cottage she kissed Philip on the cheek and remarked, “It’s quite chilly outside. Would you like some tea?” She proceeded to boil water and prepare a brew of tea for two. She placed the tea on the table before them and broken the silence again. “The rumours of war in Europe is startling...It’s a good thing you're travelling to Paris personally, to see if you can influence the outcome of the negotiations,” she continued for about an hour. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Marie, “Madam Countess, It’s time, I’ve come to accompany you to the main building, the Count needs plenty of rest for his travels in the morning.” She kissed Philip on the cheek once more and said, “Good night my love, have a safe journey. I will see you upon your return.” This is a scene that has played out each night for the last five years. Philip left for his trip five earlier but met with a fatal accident. The countess refused to accept his fate. She went into a state of deep denial. Each day reliving her last moments with Philip...in the cottage that had become his crypt.

2nd place // @jadams2k18Vanity

Once upon a time, a princess so much beautiful so even the flowers embraced her trying to assimilate her prettiness. However, she couldn't perceive her own beauty. She always found a defect in her face or her body. Thinking there was something wrong with her nose, her legs was not long enough or her bosom was not big enough and even she hated her hands, for not being delicate enough. Achieving perfect beauty became her obsession. In her stubbornness, she ran into a demon, who secretly desired her beauty. His words sweetened her ears, fanning her vanity, promising what her ears wanted to hear. He would grant her the perfect grace. Nevertheless, she would have it under one condition: "She must never see herself in a mirror". She, blinded by his conceit, accepted the deal. Thus, she was the most beautiful girl of the whole kingdom. Her eternal beauty did not change with time; all women wanted her beauty and men were enchanted with the astonishment of her beauty. So much it was, that she began to feel curious about herself. Her vanity was stronger than herself. Being all alone, she thought about taking a peek just for a second to delight herself; but, she was disappointed to see that she had not changed at all. At that very moment the demon made his presence to claim which belonged to him. "You deceived me," she said. "Your beauty was always the same you were born with, what I changed was your way of thinking about yourself". The demon disappeared along with her beauty. Her body dried up and became cadaverous, cursed by her sin; she was confined to wandering through the forest hiding her monstrosity.

3rd place // @tonyblessTHE MYSTERY LADY IN THE HOOD

Shortly after Cassie had gone to perform an autopsy on a lady to identify the cause of death.she could barely move her feet lost in thought about what she had found out as she waited in front of the elevator. Preliminary reports Stated that Helen Johnson according to her ID had been bruised when she was hit by a car in an accident but she couldn't find any sign of bruises and the body was perfectly fine just like a lady sleeping and this was really weird. The elevator opened and Cassie entered on her way to submit her report and get answers to her questions but Cassie noticed the elevator won't stop and the lights went on and off like it's was been tampered with, fear began to run down her spine as she tried to open the elevator door when it's stopped but it won't open. She tried a couple more times and when it finally did cassie found herself inside a forest, dried skulls hanging from trees around, she could hear weeping from distance. She moved closer trying to figure out where she was, just then she found a lady in a hood whose face she couldn't see from distance and as she tried to move closer the lady turned her back to Cassie as she continued weeping… hello… please who are you? Unsure if that was the right question to ask because she knew getting to safety should be her priority but she felt concerned for the lady in the Hood. You should never disclose what you know to them… you must uncover the truth behind the murder of Helen… Cassie looking confuse… Remember Alpha cannot stand light… the voice roared as the figure in the Hood dissappeared and just then Cassie woke up and noticed she was back inside the elevator unable to explain what happened. She couldn't understand what had happened or how but what she knows for sure is whoever killed Helen would be coming for her life.

I thought I would’ve had time yesterday to knock out a story image for the contest but I felt emotionally spent and my creative juices ran dry. I know myself well enough to throw in the towel and call it a night instead. Which is why I’m in a bright mood and I’m able to bring you this fresh off the press image! 

I wanted to do another sequence of images but this came to me instead. I hope you all like it and I can’t wait to read your stories!

A portion of the prize pool is a contribution courtesy of @artwatch! Thanks so much for helping to sponsor this writing contest! Please give @artwatch a follow! 


1st // 5SBD 

2nd // 3SBD 

3rd // 1SBD 

Contest Rules:

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Create a separate post with your ONE PARAGRAPH stories and use the #foxtales tag.

Feel free to use the current story image for your post.

Submit your post in the comment section below.

Maximum of 3 entries - only one story per person will qualify for a portion of the prize pool so everyone has a fair chance.

The length is to your interpretation. There is no real ‘rule’ of how long a paragraph is but I’d say to use your best judgement. If it doesn’t flow right and you know that it is indeed going over then edit your writing.

Deadline // Sunday May 20th  // 5:00 UTC

Thanks for stopping by and good luck to those who decide to participate!

Do you have any questions? 🦊


What a great competition. I found it on a post by @calluna and thought I would join in. Here is my entry called: La Petite Mort, it is written in english.

I haven't read the other entries yet, not even the Top 3, but I did read La Petite Mort (fantastic, beautifully written, powerful!), then clicked on the #foxtales hashtag, and found this post. Gotta love hashtags, eh?
Thanks for hosting this, @vermillionfox!

Hi there! ❤ Here is my entry: https://steemit.com/foxtales/@elisea/the-eyes

Thought quite a long time on this excellent art and used some of my own personal stuff from this week - though it wasn't quite as dramatic as the story :)

Hope you enjoy it @vermillionfox

My entry: https://steemit.com/foxtales/@cizzo/red-roses-or-one-paragraph-story

This is my entry for this week, i feel that i love to write, which is not the foxtales toward until I discovered.


My entry for week 23
Congrats to last weeks winners

I hope It's not past the deadline... Been busy.
This is my entry

Hi everyone - here is my entry:

Hi, again!

Here is my entry


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do did

Here goes my entry, i hope you would like it.

I have three entries for you again this week, I know you get so many but your pictures are just too inspiring!!

Disproportionate Desires, Sugar Mice and Love That Understood - I have managed a bit more variety in my entries this week, a horror, a romance and a bittersweet tale - thank you so much for the wonderful prompt, I love that you allow so many entries, it really gets my imagination whirring and gives me the chance to play around with a few ideas <3

Oh My! Thank you very much @vermillionfox! Congratulations to all winners!

Congratulations to the winners, which in reality we all are, some earn more than another, however the fact of having the opportunity to participate and give free rein to our imagination, is enough profit

Thank you. Also, we learn constantly to improve our writing.

Thank you so much @vermillionfox. Congrats to myself and the other winners.

Congrats to the winners.

Just got sent here by someone else! I did a good amount of writing when I was younger, but haven’t done much other than blogging in recent years. A contest of this nature is quite intriguing!

I did this contest some time ago, just once. Then i lost track. Let me cook upna story based on image. Watch out for my entry, i will be back.