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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


That 'new' apple definitely looks a lot more tasty ( although it reminds me somewhat of the poisoned apple in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ).

I don't like watery apples very much, although I must say that it's a fine line between just the right amount of juice and not enough.

P.S. I love how you share the process with us, not just because a creative's process always intrigues me but also because your ( writing ) style is fun to read.

Um abraço desde Portugal,


Thank you, Vincent :D You're the second person now that mentioned the poison apple from Snow White, and now I really see it myself XD hahaha~

I kinda like watery apples but i like green apples much better for salads :D

Thank you for visiting and thoughtful comments, Vincent <3 I really appreciate it :D

Wow! You have an amazing mentor and you are a student who is very quick to learn ((:

Continue drawing and painting; you'll excel in no time! <3

I like the step-by-step progression! I have to admit, I like the feeling the thumbnail gives me... a slight bit abstract-y, but, not. Did that make sense?

I like the colors and I love learning how you are learning to do this. It is an interesting kind of journey. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Thank you so much :D I really appreciate the support <3 <3 <3

It is my pleasure!

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Wow.. Leaps and bounds! It's a nice improvement. You can always go back over your last one to darken the colors.. Or not. This one is better though, because I like the foliage on the table. I see it casting shadows. Are you going to add in any shadowing under the apple? I see the light is coming from the upper right and sort of towards the left of the viewer. A nice little shadow under the left side of the apple, cup and coins would make them pop even more. (just some self taught advice.. hehe). Is that Steem Coin?? :-D

Thanks, Brad ! I think you're right, I need to learn some shadows! And yes, they might be steem coins XD

lol.. Steem!!!! It was only constructive criticism. There have been plenty of times where I painted my self into a corner and was like, "oh crap".. at least with yours, its a good painting that most peoples eyes may not pick up on it. There is some sort of shade there.. just a little darker may really change the whole dynamic. hmmmmm...Try taking a picture of it and edit it with your digital expertness :-) before you take my advice and mess it up then hate me :-/

That first one is still a million times better than anything I could paint (except maybe a wall in a house), but yes, the colour on the second one definitely looks better. I'd eat that if it was real and didn't remind of the poison apple in Snow White.

I think painting a wall in a house is its own awesome skill (which I have none of LOL)

Thank you, @choogirl <3 It's so nice seeing you around a bit more again :D

And yeah, now that you mentioned it, the redness reminds me of the poisoned apple in Snow White too hahahah

I'm trying to be slightly less shit.

Hmmmm... I like both drawings. The colours on this one are more vibrant but I actually prefer the first design. 😉

Thanks for sharing, @veryspider.

Thanks, Trin.

Thank you for the mention in your "Shout-out" my friend.
We certainly need all of the help that we can get and I have also already tagged ocd-resteem, c-squared and curie in the post's comments.
They all resteemed some of our posts in the past.

Regarding you water paint drawing, it is great indeed and the step by step instructions can help many other aspirant artists.
Well done!

Good luck with your charities, @papilloncharity ! You are a very awesome person :D

Wow! Impressive progress. Reminds me of one of my teachers, who had me draw an egg again and again for 6 weeks!

.... your teacher sounds so strict !!! an egg over and over again for 6 weeks???? :O

do, do you hate eggs now? XD

Haha.. yes, was sort of painful. But I don't hate them.. at least when they are cooked ;-)

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Amazing vibrant colors! I really like this work!

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Calm little by little it will grow and advance, the watercolor in a precious technique, very soon we will develop all of us as an artist.

Calm little by little it will grow and advance, the watercolor in a precious technique, very soon we will develop all of us as an artist. By the way, everything you do is incredible.

Thank you so much, you are very kind and encouraging <3

Vibrant reds!

Where is your watercolours, my good friendddddd~

I think I'll be able to buy the goods at the beginning of next week. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ now I feel da peer pressure...

veryspider uses peerpressure!!!


It IS!
I feel like:
peer pressure
I'll contact you so you can give me some tips on what to buy in a few days, perhaps on your webnesday hahaha. If earlier, better. <3

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Keep at it @veryspider you are becoming a watercolour master :)

Actually you have inspired me to break out the IRL paints, though not yet. Once I am back permanently to Toad Hall for Summer I'm going to give a day over to watercolour. Maybe beach painting this Summer, we'll see as it looks to be a busy one for me. But, I sometimes miss that wet feel of the real paint on paper (though I don't miss the dry time of oils)

Another great one @veryspider.

Great job Spidey!!!
Yay apple looks better now! keep practicing and I know you'll get to master this 💙

Thanks, @melooo182 :D

I'll keep at it, for sure \o/

The expressiveness of your apple is amazing :)

Whoa! This is one very red apple. The redness makes it look too inviting even, as if it's an apple that we shouldn't eat because it might be the great temptation :D.

I like the composition that you created here, and especially the plants is a good addition to the picture.

You've clearly have improved in your wartercolour skill, spider :).

Lovely! Honestly, I like both paintings, but yep, you did improve with the second one! Good job!!

Thank you, @squishysquid!!! Appreciate the input :D !!!

In the thumbnail I thought I saw a cherry and I found the color terribly luscious ! Now I see better it is an apple but the color still pleases me and its shiny-ness makes me want to bite in this fruit ! 😊

Oh yes, now that you mentioned it .... it kinda looks like a cherry doesnt it XD Oh gosh, I'm still needing so much practice with these stuff!!!

Thank you so much, Barbara <3

This was in the thumbnail, because I saw only the fruit and nothing else, your first image is cut so you just see the fruit, and this beautiful glowing color spoke to my need of cherry (the cherry tree of my neighbour is blossoming, I can't wait to see the fruits grow and most of all, to eat them...LoL)