Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


Goodmorning from Holland , i saw the pens and i recognize them because my mum had them and i wish i could paint an draw like this ! Great to see two grandchildren taking on grandpa on the steemit family tree love it.
And i Made a screenshot to not gorget i am hij g to try an watercolor piece for the contest, i hope they take on non-artist have a great monday !

Aaah, you had them from the times of your mum, too? Just like @ryivhnn hahaha....

I would like to see if you do watercolours, for sure, @brittandjosie <3 we welcome all!

I found my paint stuff in the garage so i def going to share it

Awesome drawing @veryspider and congrats on being promoted to comment moderator! :)

Thanks ! I hope I'll be able to help the channel grow :)

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thank you, felix !!!! :D :D :D

Proszę BardzoPajak!!!!~ :D :D :D :D

😊 i will try some manga too. Is this called manga?

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manga is just what they call for japanese styled cartoon drawings :D

This one?

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Omg... omg... you are soooo sweet! Kumo-chan yasashii and kawaii.... so i’m crying~!!! I am really really glad to be your grandpa 😭. And I am proud of you!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaa nakanaide~ ojiichan 😭😭😭

I am super glad to be your granddaughter, ne <3 Best grandpa <3 <3 <3

[GASP] I remember using those pens a hundred milion years ago D: there were some in my house (not sure which parent they belonged to as they were in a pen holder on the phone table with a pad for taking notes, back in the days when there were big clunky phones on tables with pads and pens next to them for taking messages for absent call recipients XD) and I liked writing with them because they felt interesting.

It may be a quickie but it's a goodie :D

You're rarely unwise spodey XP ahh I remember being there and doing that, you just need to master the art of saying no even if you feel like you're letting someone down ;D don't worry you'll hear me whinging if I think you're going to burn out XP

awah??? i can't find them at the shops? :O maybe i'm not looking hard enough ... :thinking emoji:

wowow, those landline phones! i hardly ever see them anymore :D .... kinda cool! XD

i can be a bit unwise. yes, at times XD;; i am trying to pace myself but following my existing curatorships at curie, c-squared/c-cubed, helpie, akibasteem and archdruid, i've now been made an OCD curator :D But I really wanna do something about this art class thingo... I think it can be a wonderful SHARED experience and also it may generate valuable content AND friendship at Steemit...............................

.......but yes, i need to pace myself awah~


Would fyn be interested in kind of participating in art class moderation kind of stuff? :O

This was on Christmas Island a hundred million years ago when I was a kid XD We seem to get a lot of stuff from Asia (but only certain things, other things won't deliver there and it's annoying XD), would have to ask Sprat if those pens are still around XD

My parents still have landline phones O_O but they're now the cordless ones. Unlike us, we don't have a house phone anymore (or even a landline).

Okay that's a lot of curation groups XD How much work do you have to do for each one? Are you managing them all okay? Congratulations on adding OCD to the mix XD

What do you want to do with this art class thingo? What needs moderating? Do you realise I'm terrible at social stuff? :D

im like collecting infinity stones on my gauntlet and now i have ALL OF THE INFINITEE STOOOONNNZZZZZZ... ..................



oh ya, we dont have landlines anymore. mobile all the way, cept for the NBN landline for the router thingo...

would be neat to know if those pens are still around for sales somewhere in straya :D

um, like, the idea is that i will delegate a lot of my steempowers to the new account, called @artclass (which i have) and then do like a schedule thingo:

  1. first two weeks in a month: give them a theme and a link to a lesson and then @artclass will upvote the 'homeworks' as tendered by the participants
  2. third week: contest week
  3. fourth week: free week/ holiday break

it's all very vague in my head for now, but im thinking it might be a good thingy to get people to learn together but also at their pace so they can participate when they want to...

i guess im looking for people who wants to better themselves and generate contents together whilst doing so, or sommit and the moderator will provide constructive criticism and run contests and stuff

are you really terrible at social stuff????? but you are super approachable and VERY AWESOME!!!!!!!

You're going to destroy the universe?! D:

The idea (vague as it is XD) seems sound. You going to use things like shibasaki's lessons or ask people to help you out making some?

Yes I am terrible at social stuff XP Typing is easy, I am completely not like this in person! (I do get there eventually but how fast is entirely dependent on the immediate environment XD)

Yea, the universe has had a good run!!! >:3

Do you think it is a good idea ? YAY~ I'll do some more work on it then, spruce up the @artclass account and prepare posts and talk to people and stuff :D

Maybe can get @steemartists to finally be a proper community instead of just a place to hang out at, too.... hahaha

If ryry want to / can help, that'll be neaaaaaaaaaaato~

Congrats to shibasaki ojiichan and to you spidey and to scrawly and to everyone! Yes even to you random person reading my comment!//no

Ahhh such a sweet gift for a sweet spider~ The drawing is so cuteeee

XD XD thilah, you are too adorable <3 gosh! i just wanna squeeze you to death every time i read your comments/posts!!!!! hahahaha~

thank you so much!!!

I agree with everything you said!

Nice drawing @veryspider! it reminds me that I need to explore and try out some new pens occasionally. Congrats to @scrawly and @shibasaki for reaching new milestones!

Thanks, @jeremyrfk :D Trying out new arting tool is excitement~ :D :D :D

Your quickie drawing is great! I've always adored people who can draw fast... I think it's a super hero skill that I want to acquire if I can hahaha.

Nice bright expression and an interesting pose for gratitude :D.

Thanks, @scrawly ! You can get faster faster faster, for sure ! Keep arting and one day you will be the barry allen of drawing ????? XD;;;;

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Sweet deal!! Love getting a package. or letter for that matter. You got lots of cool stuff in there.. Is that candy too??? hmmm.. going to share I hope ;-) Cute drawing as always. 250k followers???!!! That's wild. Go @shibasaki!!

Thanks, Brad! This parcel was sent to me like.... in February so all the food stuff is gone ! I posted about it here... but yeah, getting a package is awesome \o/

Yeah! Quarter of a million people following @shibasaki sensei! It's wild, isnt it??? XD

Hey congratulations, that's a good gift. The drawing is very beautiful, it reflects all the positive energy. I love how his hair looks and those bright eyes.

Thank you, @francisftlp :) You are always so so so sweet <3

I like short posts and this one is just perfect

Thanks! :D Short posts are great and digestible~

@veryspider cool post and beatifull art reesteem this post <3

Wonderful drawing and amazing parcel, @veryspider! I wish my Japanese friends would ship me snacks and drawing equipment from Japan as well :D

Thanks, Cogi ! :D You should ask for a gift exchange with your friends :D It's very exciting!

I love Mr. @shibasaki' s channel! I think I've been subscribed for over a year now, he's always so nice and encouraging on his videos.

The drawing is so cute! And I know what you mean, I started watching some japanase drama shows on Netflix (My Husband Won't Fit and Million yen women) and they do it quite frequently hahaha.

Thanks so much, @siucatti :) Yeah, jiichan is always very nice and supportive <3 A great teacher ! :D

Hahah yes, it's a peculiar habit, though it feels natural to us who does it XD

Congratulations on your new office!

It may be rude, so I won't be asking "How many koku?"

Funny story but its true. My fiancée is a pro artist and she once received some rice in exchange for an acrylic painting after an exhibition in Karlovo, Bulgaria. By the way, she's showing her adult class watercolor today and I gave her link to @shibasaki's YouTube about painting a single tree with a green crown. They might be watching it soon ;)

ohhhh rice in exchange XD that is very funny :D

i hope to hear more about your fiance's adult class watercolour :O maybe you can show us some videos or make a post about it ? :D

It's a very cute drawing! ( ˘ ³˘)❤ well done!

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Hey! I haven't seen you for a long time ! :O So nice to see you are back !!! <3 Hope to see you posting again soon??? :D

Thank you!! It's nice to talk to you again. (^・ω・^ ) I'm going to post some paintings I did recently to get back into the habit a bit. A lot has changed!

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Wow congratulations on your new role. It must be sooo cool to receive a package. As usually your art is always lovely and stunning to look at. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great week ahead!

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Thanks!!! Now that I see the amount of replies he gets on a posting, I feel quite overwhelmed.... dabs sweats off forehead

And yep, it was super cool to receive package for sure !!! :D

Hahaha that must be a tough job but I think it's worth it. You can do it!

Something free will always be good :)

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Well done! :))

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Thanks very much :)

You doing great job on all fronts. Super diligent and creative Spider! resteemed!

Thank you, Jan ! If I can help bring some new comers to Steemit, that'd be great, wouldn't it :D???

And happy birthday again :D :D :D

Greetings my friend!
I think clasping the hands like that is a sign of respect and gratitude.
Regarding your pens, a stationery company donated boxes of pens to us and I remember that some of the pens looked identical to the ones in this post. But we gave all of the pens to a poor creche for the children to play with. Don't laugh, or groan.
Only now in this excellent drawing do I realize what the pens were meant for. Ouch!
Congratulations to your friend @scrawly

Hi hi, you also are somewhat familiar with these pens? Haha, what are the chances! So cool that they are known everywhere in the world :)

Thank you for visit and comments! :D

Not too familiar with them my friend as only now do I know what their use is. Especially in arty hands like yours!

Oh my gosh, I wish I understood Japanese, ojichan is so sweet, I am happy for him!
What an honour to become a moderator for him, it just shows your awesome work ethics.
It’s so funny that you joke about spreading yourself too thin. Too thin? What are you gonna do with your other 7 legs?

Hahah, thank you, @edouard :) Yes, I am very honored and I hope I can help his channel grow further, for sure :)

All my legs are always up to something, for sure ! XD

I admire that very much you know. You really help a bunch of people with those legs of yours. I keep trying to guess which ones you’re gonna be standing on next.

Wonderful piece @veryspider and so happy for @shibasaki such a good number of followers.

I've left discord as it was too much for me, but if I were to choose just one channel to use occasionally, do you think that the steem artists channel would be a good one? It's hard as online time can really take up a lot of my day if I let it and then I don't have time to get any work done. :/

I'm gonna hop back onto discord and try steem artists again and see how it is with one channel.

steem artists discord is not very fast moving but active enough, so yeah, i think it may be a good place :)

thank you, donna :)

Wow this post isn't short at all, haha! You seem like a very creative soul too. I must say, how do you get to know all these events/ contests going on! So much to be keeping track of :S I still find Steemit a little overwhelming, but I would like to get to posting some of my art stuff soon!

yes, i was aiming for a short post and it kept going.... longer..... XD;;;;;; lol

well, i've been on steemit for a year or so ... so im like i kinda got to know how things are, but still learning cuz there's so much to learn about the platform! but i'd be happy if i can help new comers to succeed here on Steemit :D

if you have any questions, please dont be shy, just ask 'em and i'll be sure to try to help out <3

i look forward to seeing @foxcauldry post art stuff :D :D :D

Okay will definitely keep a look out for your posts!

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Congratulations @veryspider! You earn the role!

Thanks, Rose!!! So kind of you to say <3 <3 <3

So pretttttyyyy the drawing!! I used to love watching Sailormoon, Robotech, yearsssss ago and yes, that is the look :D I think I missed your one year Steemversary post but better late than never? Happy belated Steemversary!!!! You drew and posted everyday too like @scrawly! Amazing the both of you!! I am so happy to get to know both of you here and you definitely added colour to my Steem life here. Thank you, thank you! And again, you have a coooooooool grandpa! :)