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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Thanks so much, Maddie <3

Now I will sound silly but when I saw it I thought: Why did she make the river red? :D Yes, that's how my thinking can be :D

Your watercolor is good and this is just when you're starting. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations in a couple of months :) I'm sure that your teacher will be very happy with it :)

I remember when I was working with watercolor at school when I was a child.. I didn't like it because it was so difficult. All the colors were blending and it never ended up the way I wanted. Little did I know that this is how it is supposed to be, lol :D

It's nice to see some colors from you spider! Even though I know that your colors are black and black :D

Have a good start of the week!

red river sounds so ominous /o\ !!!

aaah thank you, delis, for your support and attention <3 i will continue to try to brave colours o7

and yes, i used to didn't understand how watercolours were supposed to work also XD i can relate !

i hope delis will also have a great start of the week :D

Your drawing has a certain impressionistic style. You have very good technique.

Thanks so much. You are very kind.

I've been trying to work myself up to braving colors, too. This is very inspiring, @veryspider I appreciate the extra time you took to show the progression of layers - your painting looks beautiful!

you should try ! i avoided it for years.... so i can relate.

have you seen @shibasaki's tutorials? they are very helpful :)

also, thank you so much :D :D :D

I have tried with colored pencil but not with paint ;) I have been mulling over taking the plunge with water colors for a few months now. The kids and I usually make a Valentine every year, so maybe that is the perfect day to take the plunge.....watercolor and sparkles! ;) I should start preparing now! hehe

What a great referral @shibasaki - I am following now!

Thank you for the encouragement

oh trust me, i am NOT a fan of coloured pencils myself, even though i love pencils. .... something.... something does NOT translate. you should definitely try watercolour! i think there's fluidity in it that really makes it a fun medium :D

And yes! Valentine Day! Sounds like a great occasion for sparkles and taking a plunge!

and and your welcome ! @shibasaki is amazing :D :D :D

Seriously spodey no one would ever be able to guess you didn’t like colours if you didn’t tell them 😆 this looks really amazing!

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I really still dislike coloured pencil and coloured ink and pastels viscerally!!! ... Which is weird, cuz i love pencils and inks................ . __ .;;;;;

But I really like watercolours, it's so.... idonno. It is VERY fun :D

Thanks, ryry !!!!

Ah, you just had to drag me bag into watercolor, didn't you... Wait! I will... still... resist... futile... -ishly?


COME. You must join me, I wanna see your watercolor NOW now.


Fortunately, I am travelling without any watercolors so your plan may begin t work two days from now... I may have time to gather some more resistance by then...

Your arrogance is your weakness!

NO ! I shall again pester you in two days time !!!



it has been TWO DAYS now


(i told you i wouldn't forget)

pokes you

Right, I had some job to do but... where do we start?

Please make me a drawing of an alien landscape with watercolour, thank you. Maybe New Mogadishu! :D :D :D

This is so cute! Hehehe, I have to help spider to drag you back to watercolour :D.

Hey, that's 2vs1 ... You're not playing fair...

They said anything goes in war and love (of art).
I will wait for your watercolour :D.

Oh yeah? Well, @scrawly, @veryspider, they say the same for this game on Steem that started just yesterday ;)


Check it out if you be gamers. I'm going to work some more on my... I'm gonna cry... waterblotch.

i checked it and i didnt understand anything so i went away again :D


You would never know from this watercolour painting that it's your very first @veryspider. It's fabulous. I watched @shibasaki's video on creating a snowscape from start to finish ~ He's a master watercolourist and wonderful teacher. Loved watching how he yields his brushes.

And loved how you haven't done a direct copy of his work but made it your own Australiana version with the red road. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

oh ive done watercolours before, but more like... anime style, this is the first time i've sat down, watched the video and then try to emulate @shibasaki's lesson :D

hahahahah yeah, it's cuz i still donno how to create the 'snow' effect yet, apparently, knowing where to apply paint and where NOT to, is a skill that will needs cultivating :)

Thanks so much, Ally <3

Generally, the mark of a really good watercolourist is knowing how to leave the white of the paper showing through, as well as some of the paler shades, so that you can see the layering.

I think it comes with the confidence of really knowing your brushes, paints and paper as well as your subject matter, to be able to take a really dark colour and make it the background for your white and lighter shades.

Really scares me. BUT I'll have a go too as soon as I can. Will be great being on a watercolour journey with you. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

AAAAAAAH ALLY is joining me???? REALLY??? I would love someone to share the journey with, omg * ____ *

I thnk you are right, of course, confidence will come with time, after really knowing your tools and subject matters :)

Amazing watercolor spidy :) So lively

haha thanks, rifkan !!! :D

Wow great job on that @veryspider!

Thanks so much, Sander !!! <3

Wow! Great watercolor landscape! )

Thank you, @veta-less <3 <3 <3

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I am very glad that you continued the watercolor. And I am honored that you have been inspired by my videos. Your picture is beautiful and makes me imagine Australia beautiful air, and fun story. ❤️

Advice from Grandpa :
Your picture is so beautiful. In addition, if you like it please try to put a little bright color such as purple or pink. should be more fun~~ 😊

Thank you soooo much, my sweet granddaughter!!

Yesh, jiichan's videos make me feel like I can grow and learn (and have fun doing it!!!)

It doesn't do much justice to your lesson, but I will continue to try to study and take your advice. Yes, I see, purple or pink! Thank you for tips, jiichan <3

Good first day with your new brushes. Nice work here mate

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Thank you :)

I'll say it again: steady, well-thought and made-with-confidence brushstrokes. Also it seems colors DO like you after all \o/

zeen, you are way, way, way too nice * ___ * waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too nice * ___ *

Nah. You have great confidence approaching a blank canvas and making marks. It's evident... you tall-blonde-nice-dude. Exploit it!

thats so cool, how you followed another steemian and were so inspired that you tried it your self. Awesome. And the picture too is amazing, nice work

it is the best thing, i find ! when steemians engage and experience some beautiful creativity together :D :D :D

Thank you so much, @paulag !! <3

Wow.... Very beautiful! I like the photos of the drawing process!

Thanks very much, @sweetttais :)

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Whoa I think you're already really good at watercolours even though you're just starting :D. I'm so happy that you persist with it even though in the beginning you dislike using colours in your art ^_^.
Shibasaki-sensei is a great teacher indeed, so talented and so generous in teaching.

hmmmmm i onno but it is fun XD which is the great part of it, i onno about 'good' though.... but thanks for the motivational comment !!!! :muscle emoji:

and yep, jiichan is an amazing teacher !!! :D

I love seeing how your grandfather's artistic abilities run in your family! This is beautifully done!

@shibasaki is the one with all the talents! :D :D :D

Thanks, Melinda <3

His work is beautiful and he is an inspiration! I've even been tempted to get out my old watercolors, and I can't even paint!

Great work, lots of nice details. Step 2 looks awesome too like a minimalist winter river landscape.

Thanks, Jeremy! I think the earlier steps are the better looking ones too.... I somehow always ruined things by continuing to work on them XD

Funny! They all look good.. I struggle with that too, people say that volume of work is better than perfection but I often find myself wasting 50% of the project time on unnoticeable details and making it worse



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somebody stop me OR I'll JUST fall in love with this @veryspider sketch maniac.

stops you


thanks so much, @fareed24 :)

@veryspider that is a bad stoppage

i am sorry.

i tried.


oh you wants me to send you some steems?

YEAH HE DOES, @veryspider he is a great guy

well if you win in my art contest, you may get some steems :D

Great journey, like how you started, like me with more pales colors, what kind of paper you use, I use cold-pressed but was thinking about rough as it seems to be better for landscape :)

Thank you, @stef1! I am just learning how to properly 'art' so I appreciate all of these indicators that I'm doing well XD I used cold pressed too, but this particular one is called Calligraphy paper, not watercolour but I thought I should try watercolours on it anyway, because why not :)

I can imagine using your ink pen for drawing you probably have Calligraphy paper anyway and you are right you have use any possibility and material so long it does not waves after using water :)

Great, I am happy to see some colors coming from you, you are rocking them!

Freja ! Thanks so much <3 You are very kind * ___ *

There is a lot of exploration in this! Honestly one of the first things I went through when I got online in Steemit again was your new drawings. I'm glad to see your progress...



Diana are you back??? I miss your posts and arts so so so so so much, and I was just thinking about you the other day, and I was wondering how you are doing etc



hey, dont disappear again, i've made an insta now so if you are on there, let me know your insta please?

still OMGing inside

excellent drawing, very good use of colors and mixtures, but I want to make a small observation, with your permission, the landscape is well defined, but it is cloudy, it lacks body, it lacks contrasts, to define the place and its components, in the drawing you can see that you hardly scare the black, or any other dark tone to highlight the shadows, this makes the drawing lack of naturalness, if you had placed more shadows you would have given more presence, I hope friend, my comment is seen as a opinion to improve, many times our comments are always praise and wonderful, I think we should make comments that help the artist more, to tell him their real opinions of what is really seen, this would make better cartoonists and best friends, best regards, friend I wish many successes.

Hello! Thank you very much for comments and visit :)

I'm definitely taking all the inputs so I can be better :) It is good to hear suggestions. I will try to use more contrast in the future, for sure :)

恭喜发财 Spidy!

新年快樂 LaiLai! <3

新年快乐,万事如意! :D

This is beautiful my friend its not really easy puting thos sky inbetween the branches, its being long i painted but what i do is dat i start from the sky downward before puting those features in the work, hoping to do a painting work someday. great job my friend🙌🙌

Yes, I will do the sky properly next time for sure :D Thank you for visit and comments, @guchidan <3

Your watercolor work is beautiful. Like water and coffee painting.

Thank you so much, @marya77 :D So kind of you to say <3

I am loving you are playing with colour and watercolour, it's fun, right?!

Hahaha yes, it is unexpectedly fun :D I dont usually like colours at all, but watercolours are really interesting to play with :D

Whoooaaaa.... So beautiful, I love that kinda painting 😍

Thank you so much, dear @hananan !! <3

Thanks very much, @lady-idra ! :D

Awesome ( water ) colors and I enjoy the picture overall. It reminds me of a mix between Ollie B. Bommel ( a Dutch graphic novel from decades ago ) and The Wizard of Oz.

Nice to see the different steps too and I can’t wait to check out @shibasaki ‘s blog!

Being on a hiatus from filmmaking, my hands start to itch. I loved drawing as a kid ( also with water colors ) so who knows, I might give it a try myself one day soon



you should definitely try it out, it is more of a happy and exploratory process than it is to attain perfection and i really love it <3

Thanks so much for such kind words, too <3 <3 <3

And yep, you should check out @shibasaki's blog because he really shows both the foundation and the higher level stuff well <3 Beautiful pictures!!!!

No matter what happens, it was one of the baby kicks behind my butt that I needed to get back to drawing again. Let's see where it all leads to.

Have an awesome week! :>)

Aaahh so soft and serene looking. @shibasaki is a wise sifu and his watercolour landscape paintings are beautiful. Yours look really good and it is so inspiring to read that his tutorials motivated you to try, for real! I wanna try too but am not as brave as you yet :D

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