Cute Pomegranates Suddenly Appeared! [Own Video and Own Handcrafted Box]

in #art4 years ago

Watch my first video about picture transferring!

Hello everyone! I've never shot any video about my handmade cuties or about the crafting process before. But time changes!:)

I'd like to share a video about one nice decoupage technique. This technique is picture transferring. What does it mean?

It is when I printed any picture I liked, then covered with acrylic varnish and instantly applied that wet varnish layer to wooden surface. You can paint white or beige this surface beforehand. The printing should be applied by its colorful side to the surface.

After the paiper gets dry, I watered it and started to remove wet white paper from the wooden surface.

And ta daaaaa! Here are the pomegranates!

Hope you liked this video.

Thanks for watching.



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