Wedding Souvenir Tutorial (Original Work)

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Hello, Steemians! Today I want to show you the process of crafting a wedding dish. There is a good custom in Russia to present a couple with a beautiful wedding plate. A bride and a groom can take it home as a souvenir or they can crush it saying "good luck!". In Russia many of us believe that ahappiness comes after we crush a dish.

I decorated this dish specially for my friend. 

Well, I bought a simple glass dish and painted it with white acrylic paint. I made two layers. Then I drew a circle in th middle of the dish and painted it pink.

Afted the paint dried, I took a paper napkin and tore some roses off. Then I glued roses to the dish and left for two hours.

In two hours I drew some ornaments and letters, which symbolized the first letters of the bride and the groom names.

As a final step, I covered the dish with matte acrylic varnish. That's it. My friend was happy to have such a gift.

Hope you like it too:)

Feel free to leave your comments, follow me and upvote.

Wish you many smiles.



I will follow your blog because you are full of good idea. We will soon marry with my girlfriend and it will be very useful. Good job

Thank you! And wish you be happy with your girlfriend.

Very nicely done. You're very talented ! Congrats.

thanks, @dimitrya123, glad to hear that:)

Nice, yet still I think that in this case less could be more )

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