Traditional Painting - Rosemaling "wood painting"

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Rosemaling is a stunning wooden painting from Norway. This traditional painting emerged in the 18th century, and became popular in the mid-19th century to the present, even beyond Norway. Norway always offers variations on a similarly themed arts, each region has a distinctive feature of painting on each of its Rosemaling.

In fact, when compared with wrought arts and original Norwegian wood carvings, the age of "rosemaling" is still counted younger in the arts and crafts. The forms of this rosemaling painting show the influence of the development of Renaissance and Boroque art and technology.

In the Telemark region, the picture ornament is not filled with a tight pattern, the picture is more adapted to the shape of the object surface. In the Vestlanne region the image on rosemaling is not dominated by roses, but also of acanthus flowers.

Initially, the color of rosemaling art is dominated by bright and sharp colors, but over time the artists began to create with various color combinations. In the Vestlanne region the art of rosemaling is dominated by gold, red, black and white. While in the Telemark region more use a variety of colors.

This art technique is generally the same. First, the object is smoothed with sandpaper, cleaned, then decorated, and coated with base paint. Once dry, then painted with various shades. For example in the roses. But before painting, the surface has gone through a heating process using linseed oil.

Usually, with one brush dipped in two types of paint colors, so it can create a double circle. Variations in color, complexity and accuracy of the image, make a clear strokes resembling paintings Petrykivka Ukraine.

Rosemaling exerts an influence in the development of perfect art. According to historians in art, artists in the art of rosemaling can not think of a good composition before they make a work, that is the rule in art.

Artists have different views and feelings about an art, so in this rosemaling art each painting will be made with varying results according to the artist's own view.

This rosemaling art will usually look beautiful in dark old houses, because rosemaling is generally made with bright colors. This rosemaling art is not only painted on walls, but also on furniture, ceilings, and even the whole house.

In addition to home, the church did not escape the attention of artists rosemaling, but in his paintings, the artists still follow the rules of the church and do not make any painting.

This Rosemaling art may be your inspiration in creating unique artwork or decorations and may be combined with existing art.


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