The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                      Digital art made by @xpilar  

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I was explaining to my father the other day about why another form of life is impossible other than earth because you will have to be impacted by Mars (allegedly) billions of years ago to create the moon, that tilted the earth to an axis of 28 degrees, that made the 4 seasons possible, that brings us near the Sun in summer and away in winter...
Also you need a solar system with all the other planets gravitational attraction working to maintain that sensible balance like the electrons do to stabilize the atom...
Plus you need that system to be placed in a galaxy that acts as a protector from meteors impacts similar to what the atmosphere does when an external object tries to enter it... in fact our galaxy is nothing more than an accumulation of many impacts...each layer of the galaxy is a witness of that...and each layer is why we are still here can try to replicate that twice...but I firmly doubt it
I can agree though on the exixting of "temporary" life, on a bacterial form ...maybe even on mollusc level but they we all perish periodically as all the things that are needed for the support of the evolution of life is lacking ..
My father, after a moment of silence: "I knew that!"

Hi @kingyus

Thank you for your thoughts and a good description

The story of the lost Bunny Toy

Once upon a time there was a boy called Alex Bittrader. He was on the way to see his Carla Coingo, when he decided to take a short cut through Hampstean way road.

It wasn't long before Alex got lost. He looked around, but all he could see were trees. Nervously, he felt into his bag for his favorite toy, Bunny, but Bunny was nowhere to be found! Alex began to panic. He felt sure he had packed Bunny. To make matters worse, he was starting to feel hungry.

Unexpectedly, he saw a wise giraffe dressed in a purple jumper disappearing into the trees.

"How odd!" thought Alex.

For the want of anything better to do, he decided to follow the peculiarly dressed giraffe. Perhaps it could tell him the way out of the forest.

Eventually, Alex reached a clearing. In the clearing were two houses, one made from cucumbers and one made from bread.

Alex looked at the roof on the closest house and wondered if it would be rude to eat somebody else's chimney. So he looked to discover that his toy Bunny was there partying with the other magical animals.

They saw him and invited him so they fed him the whole house of bread and gave him his toy back.


Hi @cryptopie

Thank you for your thoughts and a good description

Thank you @xpilar enjoyed it :)

This is amazing digital art from you again Snr. @xpilar

Honestly, things started out pretty normal, before humanity take over to rule the world itself and world become our own, we buy and sell, we happy with moment and some moments are bad for memory.

We bought a beautiful piece of land in the woods a few years ago, paid that off, and then decided we were ready to design a floor plan and build our dream home. Just like everyone of us will definitely desired to built a home, we asked friends and family if they knew any builders, which led to discussions with several large builders in our area. We ran into a bit of initial sticker shock (building is EXPENSIVE, you guys), so we looked through the homes of some lesser-known builders in our area. This lead us to our initial builder, to build us a new home "such architecture have never been seen or built by anyone else before since the inception of the world of internet.

This builder started the process of building this new home, when the home get to completion stage, he informed the owner work already done, the owner happened to be @ned he observed the environment is very conducive, and good to make a new world, he invited many people please join me let build this new world together, a world that will be fair , a world that will given many opportunities to showcase their talent and get rewarded, a world that would happen to be the best on internet so far, they called named this new world STEEMIT alot of people are interested and started build this new world to a greater high, Snr. @xpilar are among the interested and and investors by tables some huge $$$ to get a place to live in this new world called Steemit, when @davidad comes into this new world, he never know how its work or operates, but luck @davidad for coming across a kind man, a supportive, a motivator and who always thinking other to survive, he accommodated me, and allow me dwelling with him, few weeks later, my friend also @sultan-aceh come on this new world, Snr. @xpilar extended his kindness, supportive, advices, tips and techniques and teach him to operate here and togetherness we have been together @xpilar always help us in providing uncountable things so we could survive, not long others keep coming and he same to them by supporting, kind to them, promoted us together, we really appreciate Snr. @xpilar for accommodating us with him and ensuring that our minnow fish doesn't lack because he knows we need to survive.. I illustrated your digital art to be new world of Hope "Steemit" when things darkened and we barely could see, your support for us light our darken and we could smile we are alive... From this art as we all know moon light to the darkness at night, you are that moon which light to our darkness in this new world and we are moving forward.

Thanks so much for being a moon that light our world..



Hi @davidad

Wooow, thank you for your thoughts and a good description

Glad to hear you Liked what I wrote about your digital art...

Hi how are you? what I like most in this image is your name on the sign of steemit, you really do it very well @xpillar, your imagination goes beyond the real world, through it my mind is transported to another planet where there may be life or not, but I want to explore it, I feel that here I can find something wonderful and for sure I want to stay, my country Venezuela is going through this moment because of an inflation so big that we are so worried about everyone, that imagine the possibility of going somewhere else It comforts me, thanks @xpillar for sharing this art.

Hi @jennimorillo

Thank you for your thoughts and description

It's experimental "city of the future"!
It is under the hood of its own atmosphere, allowing people to live a very long and healthy life for at least 150 years!
But the most super technologies are in a special compartment at the top.
Top Scientists from all over the world work here
There is instant healing, deep rejuvenation and the solution of various other problems there!

Thanks @xpilar for your great works!

Thank you for your thoughts and description @ir3k

Short Imaginative Story

There is a rumour that Scientists found the Technology of Time Travelling but there were no proof. But one day, one scientist called an Random person to tell him about this device so that he can reach to the appropriate officials because as per that Scientist some people will going to try out this Technology and they will going to misuse it. But this random person asked about the Technology and he said without seeing it how i will know it's true or a prank, then Scientist told him about particular address and he started to reach that place and when he reached their what he saw, was amazing and unbelievable. And scientist said this Technology is not new just it was kept secret and some people go to future to complete the future projects. But while Doctor was talking this person went inside that Machine and started playing with it and unfortunately the machine got started and he went into future where he saw giant futuristic Space Center but above water and it was floating.

@xpilar, hope that you are doing great. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi @chireerocks

Thank you for your thoughts and a good description

Welcome and thank you so much. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

I always find an extraordinary abstract works from each of your works @xpilar, in the picture implied by some abstract dimensions, I assume that the life of the world with one another is related. The picture seems to inspire that there is another world besides where we are today, even though we don't know it for sure, it is not impossible that one day we will be there with the transformation of the digital era.

That's just a little description of my imagination that I can convey of your art work, hopefully @xpilar will likes it :)

Hi @dilimunanzar

Thank you for your thoughts and description

My pleasure :)

I really like your style, keep up

images that are not visible but real, you know what I see is a greenish black snake that lives around a vast forest, he controls all of nature until he wants to roll and wrap around the nature and the forest with his large body, after he can master that realm he even looking up at the sky, and thinking about how he could master nature other than earth😊

It's my opinion😊

Hi @anitacarolina

Thank you for your thoughts and description

Nice art of own imanigation.

thanks @vipin99


Very impressive! It's like a touch of universes and something more technological.
I love how you can naturally conjugate this image.

thank you @yanes94

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. I have been waiting for digital images from you in 2 days. and today you are making more extraordinary digital images. I am very glad you made another post.

According to my description of your digital image, this shows a condition in space. with many planets and stars. and there are spacecraft that fall on planet Earth.

I think this is a spaceship that falls on planet Earth. I say planet earth because it's blue.

Hi @aulia1993

Thank you for your thoughts and description

I am always amazed when I see your picture, but I can usually imagine your image,
But this time I had to have a long time to interpret the picture.

Thank you @xpilar

thanks @syehlah

Hi @xpilar good art brother! Thank you for sharing.

thanks @edmy10

You are welcome @xpilar

The image is very clear and some colors are very interesting. thank you for sharing this amazing art @xpilar

thank you @dianclasher

realmente este en un gran arte con estilo y mucha dedicación esto me parece increíble como gira la tierra tan fascinante escena, gracias por compartir tan hermoso trabajo digital

Nice to hear, THANKS @glorimarbolivar

admiro tu gran desempeño y tu creatividad, este arte quedo increíble la tierra el mar, las lunas le da un toque mágico

Nice to hear @betaniaj

This is really beautiful and excellent art design dear.i like your beautiful art design.
Carry on your activities..
All the best..

thank you @sweety50


Another beautiful digital art design. I really like it.

thanks @mind-magic

Very nice art and design ....

thanks @imamulkhan

different things coming together in this pic loved the creativity :)

thanks @blazing

No dout,,This is really excellent and outstanding creativity..
All the best..

thank you @beauty50

Greetings friend @xpilar. May I generate a story with your image?

Thank you, you can make a story @adeljose

thank you

Intresting i like it so much your art ,,you always create a new thought which dscribes many things ,weldone sir you did a great job ..

thank you @kanika-44

nice one check out mine too ^_^

thanks @bibkchhetri

I do not know what you were thinking when you created this image, but I believe the image has passed the thought, this image is very good.

thank you @celioeguga

Awesome digital art my friend..
This is something different and beautiful..
Thanks for sharing with us..

thanks @tussar11

Hi @xpilar, after I saw this picture, this picture looks like a planet surrounded by other planets, really amazing images, you are very good at this.

Thank you so much @dayatsiaulia

Images with high imagination, suitable colors. blue, white, black are harmonious colors, although there are other colors that decorate it, but do not damage the base color. I like this

thank you @p3d1

realy it's great design art

thanks @momoriso