The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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                                         Digital art made by @xpilar  

                                          Gives you 4 pictures today

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Thank you for posting @xpilar.

What a vast landscape and skye view......We must be flying at a very fast speed......Mach?

Appreciate looking at your work......loads of energy here.

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend. ^__^


Thanks for stopping by @bleujay

Yes, there is a lot of energy there

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend too


It feels like you were experimenting the the program to create these images. Looking through them especially starting from the lowers one upwards, you can see the mountainous surface that was limited initially but step by step was getting bigger. It is like jump in the time where we see how once dimension is intruding into other. It was more like cyber world but slowly the natural real world was replacing it, and at the first picture it looks almost normal mountainous area like up here in Scotland or any other countries away from civilization, where you stand on one hill after long hiking and suddenly you see that beauty laying at your fee, endless mountains that after years of volcanic activity finally received its current shape and form. You look at sky that is also endless but the horizon both of them finally meet together. As a child I thought that it was end of the earth there at horizon, so you think that it is not for away and you can reach it but every time you come closer the horizon is still in front of you.

That was probably a reason why people in the early years were traveller and discoverer because of curiosity to find out what is behind hte horizon.

As always beautiful digital works, @xpilar

Thank you for your thoughts and a good description, like it @stef1

Save the earth.

It is a historic day for the earth some extraterrestrials have created a machine capable of moving pieces of land with its inhabitants, vegetation and fauna, with everything!
To a healthy place, without contamination.
It is our opportunity for a new beginning...

Here we can see how they are calculating the pieces of land that can be moved to a better place.

Here we see these aerial shots taken with our drone where you can see the detachment of the selected earth, you can see the rays and the energy around the selected triangle.

These unpublished images of the detachment of the earth are courtesy of xpilar. Great job!

Thank you for your thoughts and a good description, like it @anasuleidy

Hello @xpilar, how are you?

Every time I see a new work of yours I am impressed, I love your art and how immense your imagination is. 👍😍

It looks super real what you did.

Nice to hear, thank you @yanes94

Pictures or places in general make me think a lot about Life and some of the pictures above make me think of Life in different phases . Soemtimes it’s bad (red) sometimes it’s good (blue) just in general I love the pictures

Thank you for your thoughts and description @journeyoflife

A spaceship is approaching the earth.

the crew of this spacecraft only have one objective ... "The Red Gold"

Through their advanced technology they managed to locate it, that's why they come looking for what they want so much.
I think we should hide, because we are already in their sights.

Hi @ jdbs

Thank you for your thoughts and description

wow....its great......i impressed to see your post......

good person @xpilar


nice to see your beautiful picture
today you put 4 pictures

all images, like the same if we see them
however, I saw 4 different images

always successful for you @xpilar

excellent art! my dear friend!

thanks @ahlawat

Well this is such a professional work once again you should develop games too now :D

thank you @blazing

Hai @xpilar
very extraordinary imagination, you do it very beautifully, keep working, thank you for sharing.
Upvote and Re-Steem

beautiful image friend nature always surprising us with great beauties, I really loved this fabulous image

thank you, nice to hear @betaniaj

such a great job beauty fully capture the natural beauty and youe imagination is great. all thing done perfectly. welldone xpilar (65)

thank you @nikhil12

most heartly welcome

your design is awesome, congratulations.

thank you @wendyth16

from the picture there are mountains in the desert, there is a deep red light that penetrates the clouds as the sun sets.
but I need an explanation from @xpilar what is the real purpose of this cool picture?

The purpose of the picture is that you use the imagination and tell about them @langbær


hehe, yes @em3di

Wow! such a wonderful art and very nice design. Really awesome. Thanks for share this post.

Thank you @alimuddin

wuao that show is a very beautiful image the mountains look incredible seems to have made contact with the clouds, it is a great stage

thank you @glorimarbolivar

You have done pretty art. I liked it very much.


thank you @as-abir

Beautiful nice images thanks to share keep it up

I'm impressed

thanks @ashikkur

Beautiful images thanks to share

thanks @princeuk12

Most welcome