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                                         Digital art made by @xpilar 

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Story of The Secret Dragon's Lair: @xpilar

After the planet Drenarick exploded it catapulted the egg of an ancient Dragon that is the father of all dragons in the known world.

Travelling from the long destroyed planet of origin, there it landed to the most inhospitable place between the vast oceans where no man had set foot into.

The dragon egg got embedded in the secret crevice of the distant rock island where it remained dormant for millions of years.

Until finally the mountain rock began to wake up enveloping the ancient egg with hot lava from the the earth's mantle activating the incubating needs of the egg and after weeks of a hot bask in the lava here emerges the dragon, the father of all dragons in the known old world which is ready to unleash terror to humanity, will wreck havoc, taking away gold and putting it in the cave of the desolate mountain island where it waits for someone to come by lured by the treasures with so it can devour their flesh and live a thousand years more.
The dragon's name was "The Dragon Of the steem" from the Death Mountain Rock.

Hi @cryptopie

"The Dragon of the Steem" from Death Mountain Rock.

Woow, thanks for a good story

You are very creative as well with you digital art @xpilar :)

thank you @cryptopie

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@xpilar art design source

hello @xpilar

When I think about it, it's not really far away, but for me, this is a strange rock, with a rock-like shape rising upward, located on the edge of the sea, like an island that needs to be traced and full of history, maybe, it is a former mountain the flames are blown away by, waves of seawater, because of the many visible, volcanic rocks in this area.

I think, maybe this place will be, popular for tourist objects but, because for a long time no one took care of it, then look like the picture above, because of the unfriendly sea water, around that place.

the picture that I saw above, if we can look back for a moment, is only seen in antiquity, if at the present time it might have become a beautiful beach, and many tourists are interested in various countries.

this is what I can say

Regards @sultan-aceh

Hi @sultan-aceh

Thank you for your thoughts and description, like it

That digital art is looking more realistic, for me it looks like Jurassic park island when far away in the heart of ocean, the Professor genie who is working on decoding the genes of our ancestors and prehistoric animals. He decided to recreate his lab somewhere where nobody will disturb him and where his species have no place to escape. The climate is nice and tropical, no winter and a lot of greens, of course there should be a lagoon too for his animals. There are few roads that you can track and while driving so on and often throughout the island the roads are possible to see from height too. Ideal location with beautiful sea view and mountainous area for hiking. The only thing that the professor dreams about is to find a solution to decode the DNA and to start up his experiements :)

Hi @stef1

Thanks for your thoughts and description, it's great. Like it

that's really the back of a dino's relics :D
it's just sleeping now so I won't dare step on it if I were you ;)

hehe, they wake up soon

@xpilar, For sure your picture is really interesting and this digital art is reflecting as an piece of movie and whenever we find the art in any image then for sure we can derive it many ways.

My short story

I was in a dream, and it's reflected as i was an Ancient Warrior in this dream. And on the land i was alone and i was finding the sign of life but failed to see.

And in next phase, dream pushed me in the sky and i was flying in the sky and it reflected as i was searching for the sign of life while flying in the sky but didn't get any sign.

And in next phase my pace of flying is increased and it reflected as, i was feeling the desperation to get out of this place because that Isolation was eating me.

And now my pace is doubled and in the sky, an portal is opened and I've entered into the portal and then I've entered into the world of water and rocks which reflects as Cave Age.

"Thank you so much for these kind of interesting posts."

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi @chireerocks

Thank you for your thoughts and description, like it

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind response. And i am waiting for more pieces from you and i will try to expand my imagination and will share my short stories. Stay blessed. 🙂

Nice to hear @chireerocks

Thank you @xpilar, as you see, today was a bit successful day for us and I am really grateful for your support, yours @art-venture

Hi @art-venture

I am very pleased to see that the concept of Art-Venture has now been responded, there will probably be more

The sea is something that lives and moves day and night without ever falling asleep even for a moment.

So what needs to be said is, that's how life goes and we must be strong in living this life as a rock in the ocean.

The more waves hit, the stronger the rock, and continued to gather strength for the highest place.
Beautiful work full of elements of a strong philosophy of life. Thank you @xpilar!

Thank you for the fine words about the picture @black-horse

Thank you very much for your appreciation, sir.

Visual media is more appropriate as a practical and communicative learning medium.

Regards! 🙏

Nice to hear

Hello @xpilar,

Here is my review about this Art!

This art is a pure and true depiction of the ancient civilization may be of Spartacus or Mohan Jodorro. These steep hills are the symbols of the huge and awesome architectural work of that civilization. Tiny green particles are the basically the trees ensuring the massive and excessive supply of the oxygen to safe the citizen of the ancient civilization more healthy and proactive. This sight was chosen by the King so that they can avoid the wars and excel in technology. Under the water they built rooms to make new inventions too. This Art is actually created by @xpilar to let the people know about that ancient civilization of the world, built on an unknown island of the world.

Hi @salmanbukhari54

Thanks for your thoughts and description, like it

Hello, @xpilar

This is my second time to comment here (really excited).

My imagination with this picture is:

Life that looks smooth outside (like a palace building) is not necessarily all the contents also experience calm and happiness. Outside looks may be beautiful, but isn't the good content truly true happiness?

These rocks are like an ugly palace in the eye, but cannot quickly conclude that there is no happiness in this environment. It could be that true happiness is firmly rooted inside.

No need to look too perfect with an eternal form. Because true happiness is inside that can make people feel awe around us.

Even the appearance of a stone like this large and rough coral reef, stores a million beautiful works of art when viewed with gratitude.

@ammachemist from Surabaya, Indonesia

Hi @ammachemist

Thanks for your thoughts and description, like it

Thanks a lot for your appreciation...

This reminds me of the world where there are bumps in the road and you have to keep climbing to reach the top and when you’re on top. You can see all around you what this world is made of

Hi @journeyoflife

Thank you for your thoughts and description

Oh my friend, "One thing that deserves pride is when someone decides to be himself."

look at the rock, it is very strong to resist the waves crashing, it is very sturdy to resist the hurricane.

be a tough human in dealing with all problems.
I hope the steep road that we are going through will end soon.

thank you @xpilar, hope you are healthy always and your day is fun.

Hi @longberry

Thank you for your thoughts and description, like it

There was once a young dreamer, who wanted to conquer the world through his ship, one day while sailing a strong storm began, lost control of the ship and spent days lost in the immense sea.

until it reached a rocky island it was difficult to rest, strangely, without vegetation or shade, but firm and gave security, I walk a lot on the island, until it climbed to the apex of a rocky peak and from there felt touched the sky, and in fact I manage to touch it, because where he put his hands they scattered the black clouds laden with water and white clouds appeared, filling it with hope and dreams.

Hi @jdbs

Thanks for your thoughts and description

Life would not hesitate to die that Indonesian proverb which suited us pinned for this photo, I think the work @xpilar look at this photo, telling a small island almost sinking in hempas by waves and that the state of the current steemit with Steem and SBD prices plummeted lately below average. I think it's a story that I can tell about this picture.

Thank you for your thoughts and description @muna84

Well just look at that simply breathtaking view and more surprising this is made of imagination out of words right now to describe this beautiful work :)

than you @blazing

Fantastic imagination @xpilar the rocks look like lavas in the middle of the sea and it also looks like the cave of the guacharo here in Venezuela have those shapes the walls and rocks great work awesome friend

Nice to hear, thanks @betaniaj

I love how you play with your imagination is amazing this looks like an island of castles as if it had touching the clouds is amazing

thank you @glorimarbolivar

Mind blowing art and design just excited to look this picture.

So carry on your activitives sir..

thank you @shucona

Thanks sir..
I will wait for your next post..

good person @xpilar
I want to say
very creepy place there
but ... very fun
want to vacation with friends

Resteem @xpilar

Thank you for your description @andesilesteem

Nice i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us and East and West you are the best

thank you @sardaradeelkhan

What an idea!!!
So cool!!

thanks @hangted

Wow amazing

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thanks @jassy

Reminds me of the series Arrow buddy ;)

Nicely done ;)

thank you @rehan12

beautiful image its like sea rock or island comming out of sea

thanks @hassanabid

Cool wonderful onevote by me thanks to share

thanks @princeuk12

Hai @xpilar
really beautiful artwork. I see you have the ability in the design field. very good artwork.
Upvote and Re-Steem

@xpilar and @sultan-aceh must look on my post to give some ideas thanks please

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