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Hello everyone!

I spent the evening coloring some recent line art that I made. I was finishing up a cover for the webcomic that I'm planning on releasing soon. There are still a lot of things to work out before release, including character art, story details, and more. I'm super excited for it though!

It's going to be mostly about trans-humanism and other futuristic topics, which might not actually be that far away. ;]

Here is the final result of my coloring spree tonight :D



What do you think of the main character? I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Here is what the original sketch/line art looked like:


I accidentally colored a bit on the line layer. oops.

I went through a lot of frustration while coloring. There are a lot of things that I still don't know how to set up correctly in Clip Studio. Why do lines have anti-aliasing that leaves translucent pixels on the edges, and makes it impossible to get clean edges when using the selection or fill tool? anyone? I didn't realize this until the line art was completely finished.


I turned off anti-aliasing and made a practice canvas to play around with the lines. Lines without anti-aliasing look like shit and are all jaggedy, but the color fills to the exact edge... Where is the happy medium? I managed to clean the colors up and make the edges look A LOT better.

Did I mention I only used a mouse for this entire drawing? Yeah.

I've gotten to where I realized how helpful having a palette can be. Being able to quickly reference colors is great! Here is what the art looks like with base colors only.


Gradients are my new best friend by the way. They have helped to form my newest coloring style. I'm pretty sure this is my coloring style for now on. Gradients are love, gradients are life. <3


Then, I just added the fancy background with a bunch of textures and brushes. I had an idea, and I pretty much threw it up onto the background. There are a bunch of different things represented in the background as well.

Did you notice the translucent spectral copies of the character floating to the sides? It mostly represents her being plugged in and somewhat detached from her physical body. It also represents her digital augments. The liquid below represents some of the new liquids in her body, as well as a form of transition. The feeling of weightlessness when being detached from your body, like floating in water.

The border represents the pod that she enters when doing upgrades and the such.

The main character is going to mostly represent my opinions, while the other characters might represent other types of opinions. There might be some controversial topics, and I'm looking forward to the feedback.

Stay tuned for future updates! ;]



Hey @zombiedoll I love your new character! Try using the Gpen in clipstudio for your line art instead of the pencil! I'm looking forward to reading your new comicbook :D

I was using GPen and Mapping pen, which were both recommended for line art, and those pens are the ones I was talking about in this. I've been trying to find a fix that doesn't involve turning off anti-aliasing, but alas there is nothing.

Your art is really good. I probably won't be interested in the comic; as it's just not my type of topic of interest, but you are a talented artist. So, it gets an upvote from this little minnow. <3 I also want to start creating digital art!

Thanks, and I say go for it! There are many guides to help you learn out there. :D

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This is really cool! It reminds me a little bit to Ergo Proxy and Elfen Lied. Keep sharing the good work!

This looks pretty cool~ keeping an eye out for it :)

amazing art work. done following hope to see more of it @zombiedoll :) :) <3 also upvoted and resteem

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Interesting post - thanks @zombiedoll .