Graffiti Art from the Locals - Car-Free Day

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Graffiti by @zorang.jpg

Graffity Art from the Locals - Car-Free Day

Hi Steemians, It's been a long time since the last post. In this one post, you can see the results of awesome local street artists. I'm looking this graffiti every day from my car. Yesterday was the day I finally used the chance to take pictures of it. The pictures were taken, of course, with smartphone :)

A Day Without the Car

I left my car at the mechanic. I had to repair air conditioner in the car. Summer is almost here, around 30 Celsius is outside at noon, maybe more. So, I left my car, I took the bus and on return to home, I decided to go by foot. I realized that I missed so many details and things when I go with the car.

Street Art

I took few pictures from different walls and different places. Location is Croatia, Split, walls near Poljud. There is so many graffiti in my city that I want to put here, but I have to start somehow. The Graffiti: colorfun, creepy, not understandable at first sight, funny and awesome. Enjoy!











Until next time, Rock on!


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All images and text published in this post are my original work.

©2018 @zorang All rights reserved.

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nervira me kad ljudi kazu kako ne vole grafite, a u stvari za to su krive budale sto kupe sprej pa ispisuju gluposti. ovo je stvarno umetnost

Totalno si u pravu, pijane glave šaraju tuđe fasade i normalno da ih nitko nevoli a vežu se za street art :(

Amazing artworks! Where is this? I like the way you appreciate the artistic work of the people in your area. Nice pics bro

I update the post :) It is in Split, Croatia. Thanks, @omart, I'm not in street-art circles and I'm not aware of the authors, but I appreciate the work and I just like take the photos. Cheers! :)

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Fenomenalni su grafiti, onaj Dzoker-Betmen mi je posebno kul :) :)

Hvala, je baš je creepy

Daaa buhahaha :D

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