Anker Palace, Budapest

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Anker Palace is located in the center of Budapest. It was built in 1920 based on the plans of Ignácz Alpár. The monumental building, the many kinds of styling, amazed me from the first minute. It was challenging to draw, to observe every small detail, but of course the version on my picture does not exactly match the original. The other building on the picture is to the right of Anker Palace, the Madách House, which is also one of my favorites.
This picture, as always, was full of details. You can find interesting characters such as an astronaut, a bear, a Martian, Hitchcock with his dog and many more interesting people.
Of course I am on the picture with my wife, her son and our dog. :)






In the middle of my picture, there are two main components of the bustling life in Budapest: many people and crowded traffic. Every morning we go to this place with my family. We're just getting out of the little street where the yellow car turns to the Anker Palace.


here are some details















I worked on this illustration for about five weeks with Wacom cintiq.



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Wow!:) Many thanks!


Budapest is a really beautiful city. I think you managed to pull out so much detail on the hustle and bustle of the city, the candy architecture (easily applied to vienna too). The automotive traffic has got to be my favourite

Thank you so much for your kind words! :)
Yes, Vienna is also a beautiful city. I often travel there. Love it!

I was in Budapest in summer and managed to squeeze in a day at Széchenyi thermal bath. Dope! Give a heads up if you're around in Vienna and want to talk shop. Fellow artists always welcome in my studio :)


Széchenyi thermal is fantastic, specially in the open steaming pool in winter.

Wow! Du lebst in Wien? :) Was für eine gute Nachricht! :)
Ich will besichtigen dir wenn ihr wieder da fahre. Was is deiner Studios nahme?

Wir sind Boicut & Z : ein Künstler paar :) Let me know when you plan to be in vienna! Wir würden uns freuen.
Cheers und Liebe Grüße

Danke!:) Ich will schreiben wenn ich Fahre. Ich vermute, in Februar oder Maerz.:)
Liebe Gruesse

Ez nagyon jó. Imádom a részleteket

Köszönöm! :)

What an amazing work! Love all the details and colors. :)

Thank you! :)

Fantastic! Will there be a puzzle from this picture? Because I would buy one right away!

Thank you! :) Good idea! :)

Holy Cow! thats amazing! love this kind of illustrations of cities,, your style is fabulous, very colorful and funny too! Congrats! Upvoted for sure!

Thank you! :)

Terrific! Impressed by the details and colours, nice work :D

Thank you! :)

zsolt! this is incredible! i love all the details and colours <3 wowow! what a beautiful piece! <3 <3

upvotes and resteems

Thank you so much for your comment!:)

Just stunning. The colors, the designs and the scope of the piece are incredible. Can’t wait to see more from you.

Thank you! :) I am very glad that you like my works. :)

I am speechless seeing this amazing works!. I am curious how you made this illustration? what software did you use to make it?

Thank you! :)
This is the link how I created it
I used Photoshop and Wacom cintiq for this work.
I worked on this illustration for about five weeks.

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Thanks! :)

I m in love with detailed art!! well done!!

THank you ! :)

That looks awesome, and the hard work you put in it is obvious!

Thank you for your kind words! :)

What a fantastic piece of work. Really impressed!

Thank you! :)

Amazing work!

Thank you! :)

This is sooo good!!!

Thank you! :)

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