Book illustration - 1919 Csonkamagyar (Hungarian title)

in #art2 years ago

My new book illustration.

The book describes the events of 1919 (exactly 100 years ago) as a diary.
This year was a very sad and fearful year in Hungary.

Digital work.

Thank you for watching!


Very nice illustration... But now I'm curious to know what happened in Hungary in 1919 (luckily there is Wiki).

Thank you @heroldius! :) It was a very difficult period of Hungary. The most immportant: here was communism for a few months with terror. And yes, Wikipedia is good friend. :)

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Thank you guys! :)

Such a lovely illustration, Zsolt <3 Although the period seemed to have been a very difficult period of Hungary... I really like all the personalities you have drawn here, their body language and poses are very charming :)

Thank you very much @veryspider! :) Yes it was a very difficult period of Hungary.