ArtChallenge 22 - The fulfillment of desires

in #artchallenge4 years ago (edited)

When he was a child, he could stand for hours near the playground, watching the playing children.
How he envied these children! He did not have any toys at all, because he grew up in such a poor family.
And he peered into the shop windows, unable to move away from them.
How he dreamed of a toy plane, car or train!

Now he is an adult, a rich and successful person.
He can buy any toy that he likes.
But now he has a completely different dream.
How he wants a son! To watch football and walk together, to play new complex toys together...

But he has neither a son nor a daughter.

His wife also wants a child very much. But only the dog Toby pleases her and her husband.

But what a mysterious smile on the woman's face?
A man is playing a children's game with self-forgetful inspiration, imagining his son next to him, and does not notice this enigmatic smile ...

He does not know yet that his wife has visited her doctor today,
and he informed her of the long-awaited pregnancy...

And in 8 months there will be a lot of joy and happiness!
And he will buy plenty of toys and games for the long-awaited son...