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Today I am here to tell you a bit about the Steem Blockchain and specifically, Steemit. Steemit is a decentralized blogging platform that is built on the Steem Blockchain. It allows users to take control of the content they create and earn a cryptocurrency called Steem, through the process of Upvotes from the community. You can also earn Steem through curating (Upvoting) other users content and bringing some recognition to underappreciated pieces or authors.

You can trade the Steem for other tokens or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. You can cash it out and put some extra green in your wallet if you choose. Or you can bank your earned Steem in a process called Powering Up. This is truly how you grow your account and the reward for choosing this route is that it gives you a say in the distribution of Steem to other users through your Upvotes.

Ya see, every day the Blockchain creates new Steem which sits in the Rewards Pool waiting to be distributed to users on the chain. When you Upvote content and that user earns some Steem, it is not coming out of your account, but instead from the Rewards Pool. How much that users receives from your vote, depends on how much Steem you have Powered Up…or simply put…your Steem Power.

I know…I know…it all sounds a bit confusing. Crypto?!? Upvoting?!? Blockchain?!? Rewards Pool?!? It's not as confusing as it sounds. I promise…and things are simplifying more and more every day. There is alot more to this place than just a blogging platform but that is a lesson for another day. This is still very early. Think…early days of the internet. That is where we are currently at. This is also where you come in as there are some missing pieces to the puzzle…

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We have a lack of quality content in lots of fields which are quite honestly…perfect for this place. I see Comic Book artists posting their art, Funko Pop and Action Figure collectors posting their collections and custom pieces, Comic Book enthusiasts posting their spec. pics and hauls, Shop Owners discussing business practices, Publishers showing off their upcoming storylines, Gamers streaming, Cosplayers convention photos, and so much more. All the while providing content for platforms that are monetizing and data mining YOUR hard work and efforts for their own interests. That to me, is a shame and where I believe the Steem Blockchain can provide some amazing opportunities.

I am not naive to think that these platforms do not provide opportunities either. They currently have a few things that Steemit lacks…the main one being…! Yes, we need passionate content providers like you here. So I am putting a call out to all of you. If I even remotely described you above or below, then I call on you to give it a shot and join. Post some content, interact with others through comments, throw out some Upvotes to pieces that you find some value in. I bet if you give it a fair shake, it will blow your mind.

I am currently hunting for quality content in the following categories.

  • Comic Books
  • Video Games
  • Art
  • Cosplay
  • Film/Television
  • Toys
  • Funko Pops
  • Statues & Busts
  • Trading Cards
  • Gaming Cards
  • Model Kits
  • Trains
  • Stamps
  • Coins
  • and pretty much any other "dorky" hobby!!!

You can either head on over to and create a free account. Sometimes the wait to create an account this way can be a pain…as I said before…still in the early stages of all of this. If you are jonesing to get started and want an account instantly, you can head on over to and create one in a sec for a small fee, or just shoot me a message with your email address and I will send you over an invite to create free account. I am really trying to grow the "nerd" community here. I have been here for about a year and a half now and have grown by leaps and bounds. Our community is small but loyal and always looking for new and interesting content from passionate and creative people. Not only will this community welcome you with open arms but I will also pledge to show love and support to your pieces through Upvotes and Resteems to get your pieces seen by as many eyes as possible.

The great thing about the Steem Blockchain is that YOU can be empowered here. YOU are in charge and in control of your content. Not Facebook. Not Twitter. Not Instagram or any of the other places you are currently creating content for. Once again, I am not asking you to leave those platforms…I am just asking you to add Steemit to the mix. The opportunity is huge and I hope you will consider being a part of something special…building it from the ground up together!

Side note - For any bloggers currently using Wordpress to publish their pieces, just download the Steempress plugin to be a part of this I did here!

Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

To any of my dorky friends, feel free to share this if you wish. I will be posting on other platforms myself.

are you going to be posting it on Medium? I'd like to add it to the Steem World publication

Hi @shadowspub.

I was wondering about the Steem World publication. Is it a magazine for articles relating to steem only?

I've had very little success trying to monitize my content on medium using their partners program... actually scratch that, zero success 😂

Tbh, I gave up on trying to figure it out but got a vague idea that getting your work featured in publications was the way forward. My biggest problem is time! It seems that any of my past articles (previously published on steem) simply got rejected 'out of hand' when published through the partner program. I looked on Google on could find very little helpful information about how the curation is working on medium.

Do you have any insights, or point me to any helpful articles?

P.s. my discord username is the same as on here. Cheers

hi @raj808 .. publishing on Medium is interesting. I've earned some small amounts with the MPP. The more consistent I am publishing the better I do. Like here on Steem, it's necessary to not only publishing but to read and comment on others posts.

There are several groups on FB where people share posts. The idea is you put your post in and then clap on others Since reading time counts over there, you do need to read the post and clap for it to actually support others.

Formatting of your posts also makes a difference. I've been told that curation makes a big difference but since I've never been curated, I couldn't say for sure.

Steem World is a publication I setup to publish stories about Steem as a way of promoting the chain. I've gotten behind and not gotten the posts I'd like up there yet. If you'd like to contribute, let me know.

Upvoted, resteemed, reposted on Twitter and also reached out to the "Collective of Heroes" creatos page on Facebook.

Thanks! Is it still on your Twitter? They removed my post.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yeah, looks like mine is still up. I wonder why yours got pulled? I think I'll go ahead and tweet it again...

Yeah really odd that they pulled mine but not yours. Stupid Twitter. lol. Thx for sharing. I wish more “nerds” would share this. Maybe it could wrangle in a couple new users.

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

Good clear post. Will be great to get more creators in on these topics.

Do you have any sort of 'Reception Centre' to greet and guide newcomers?

Thanks brother! Not really. I just figured I’d try and see if writing this up and posting it on my other social media outlets would result in ANYTHING at all. If I got one or two bites from it I’d honestly be happy and consider it a success. I also hope others will either possibly share this on their social media platforms or pop up something similar to the folks that they interact with regularly. I think if more people took the initiative to try to Introduce even just one of their friends, that could go a long way. It just seems like everyone is waiting for someone else to to it which is kinda frustrating. Ya know?

If this is successful in bringing in a new fave or two, I’ll reevaluate and make some changes.

I’m also going to have my those postcards dove this week in time for New York Comic Con! Woo hoo!!

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Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing the postcards.

Yay. Twitter removed this tweet. Lol

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😮 - what!!?? - a tweet about this post? That's absurd. You weren't exactly inciting the overthrow of the State...

Yeah. Totally sucks. It was only up for less than an hour before it got yanked. Ridiculous and just another endorsement for leaving those forms of social media behind.

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Time for a change...

I dunno, man. This Steemit thing sounds like something a bunch of crusty turbo virgins would use while going to town on their area 51 alien sex toy. So...Sounds like the perfect place for me, baby!

You fit right in with the other 8 or 9 of us.

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Nice post- and agreed. Steem seems to have so much potential, especially for niche content fans. I try to even get coworkers and friends to join but it's difficult. This is a nice summary to give them going forward.

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Yes it’s extremely difficult currently. Be sure to share in any nerd circles you frequent out of this place!

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I need to paint more 40K minis.

Get crackin!

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King of the dorks! ❤️

I’ll wear that crown.

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Howdy sir blewitt and great job with this promotional post! I've talked to friends about Steemit but they think I'm out of my mind!

I shared this over on Zuckerberg-book with a former work colleague who's an avid gamer and she also does a bit of blogging about it. She seemed interested and tells me she'll check it out once she's done moving house

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing there. I popped it up on a Funko group with about a thousand folks. One guy responded with interest that he has yet to follow up on. Is it really this hard?!? These people are on this group every damn day all day long. Why is everyone so fucking lazy and resistant to change?!?

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Complacency I guess. They already have an audience that pays them with worthless likes whilst Zuckerface cashes in on the revenue.

fantastic @blewitt, I was recently researching the topic of guest posts for seo. You should submit this to website that host list post such as 100 blogs to submit your guest post!!

The account @splinterlands-ru is a project to disseminate information about the game Splinterlands and support the Russian-speaking community.

We like the idea of the article, but something translating the word raises a question (looks like an offensive).

Hello there. Are u the one behind the supdork account? 🤔 😅 You both look for dorky posts. hehe. My latest post is a movie review.

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