Nice Looking Artificial Flowers

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He's and you can see there's four layers that are layered up there four layers of the foam oh absolutely absolutely you take that out and by the way don't be throwing that away because artificial flowers when you open it up you've still got that central piece you can use that as well but let me just show you now we've got one we've got two we've got three and four cut out from that one die through the one pass of the machine which does make these incredible now when you are using your um templates templates thank you very much i like this game today guess the word the difference guess the words that debbie's trying to say yes what you're going to do is just draw around your phone so you can draw around your phone take a pencil draw around lightly and cut around it or you could run it through your machine to create a little bit of a um you know like a stencil mark and it will enable you to die cut that out as well so they're the ability to be able to cut those bigger as well but i think what i'm going to show you now is just crack on with how we're going to use these and this is when you will need now i'll tell you what i've done ben i've chopped up from my little normal craft i am so i'm bringing in oh you got a big daddy i've got the big daddy oh debbie's brave because i'm so clumsy well you said yesterday that you don't use a big iron because you might burn your elbows i know because i am i'm just a little bit on the clumsy side but i thought well bernie's had it out this morning seems daft plus i needed the fan on because it's still warm in this room so i thought i'd love the fan on having the fun on the little small iron can affect it and we're saying this to you really about the heat yesterday yeah so make sure you've got your iron and it is just a domestic iron.

Gorgeous Paper Flower Bouquet
You just get onto the hot setting and this is good to go so i've had mine warming up but what we're just going to do now is i'm going to bring this in i'm going to grab my ball tool look at this i've even got a little oh little special tug for me how gorgeous artificial flowers online shop is that this is sorry they're back in stock as well i was just going to say sorry to interrupt the ball tools are back in stock i'll get the the details up for you on the screen they'll carry on debbie sorry so what you're going to do now i am going to be careful because i am doing this back to front but literally you just and i don't know if i can turn that there lf Look at that drop that off more like it uh honestly and look if i just bring it on too and i'll take it onto my um form there you can see the shape look how that's already shaped now it's ready for me to now start molding as well so i'm going to carry on with a few more though ben if i'm me and that's all you do you pop it onto your iron let's get that on there there we are see i'm not as clumsy as i thought it were oh wait a minute yeah long way to go yeah wait too soon debbie don't talk too soon that's there we go and let that heat just mold your floral in fact i'll pop all those there ready i'll do some of these smaller ones as well so we'll pop that on give it a little wiggle knock it off and it could not be any easier and i mean what's it taking a couple of seconds on there yeah absolutely just i'll say two three seconds on each of those oh god yeah these just i mean you could have all these elements die cut out doing all