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Brand new products special offers and money-saving vouchers you'll have access to an exclusive secret facebook group to make like-minded friends to find out information first and to be inspired by all the crafty makes become a member of our club today right got some bad news for you the artificial flowers forming collection which was back in stock after it sold out previously is now limited stock there's green on the screen which means um so there you go green on the top you can't find that there would be green on the screen but it now can't be found so it is limited stock just to let you know just before we move on very quickly as well i did mention earlier on that our bernie had written her easter limerick oh i can't wait um so it is now for time for the premiere of bernie's limerick on your easter sunday happy easter everybody there once was an easter bunny on chocolate he spent all his money but disaster soon struck as he ran out of luck it all melted because it was sunny yes bernie smashing it with your demos today and your limericks as well i tell you what absolutely brilliant she's done the show been home had her dinner written limerick i mean she's fighting for rit fighting fires all over the place brilliant stuff right um the spring flower forming foam collection is um gone it has gone limited i can't speak i'm so excited right let's have a look at the uh winter flower forming collection so this was launched um back end of last year wasn't it yes they're very very popular it was too so within this oh hello within this collection fall into pieces you're going to get your poinsettia dies so again with this different shape size of your dice to be able to create um your gorgeous poinsettias now um on top.

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That you've also got your Christmas ruse again all those dyes include to be able to create those beautiful beautiful uh artificial flowers then um on top of that you've got your foliage you've also got are you laughing at in there what's so funny they're laughing I didn't hear that sorry oh dear uh you've got um you've then got your Christmas holly in there as well that is included uh you're also gonna get your pa your pinecone uh that's within this set as well the unbelievable absolutely gorgeous first time I've seen anything like that actually your pine cone obviously we've seen artificial flowers but I love this set for the fact that you have got the ability to pop that pine cone together and then you've got your autumn hues um in your flower forming foam as well so there's gorgeous autumn huge colors included within that collection so your autumn leaves your holly your Christmas rose your poinsettia and also on top.

That you've got your pinecone foliage and your autumn hues 37 quid what really that's amazing actually ben i actually you know I just thought then I was going to question you because i thought 37 pounds for all that is an amazing price let me tell you that is really really good 25 percent wow we are really having a nice easter bonanza here aren't we yeah we certainly are at the triple point I'm just checking it that is right wow uh 37 or 47. let's see 20 and you're getting triple points as well that's 29.60 if you platinum or 37.60, if you're shopping with this in the state so if you've missed out the winter flower forming foam collection today, is a great day to grab it and lots of people are going for it as well and that's what we're going to be concentrating on next with uh Debbie um just a few more comments before we go because loads of you have been getting in touch lots of you coming out