Google Duplex (Artificial Intelligence), How it can affect you?

Past last week Google unveil their Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant namely Project Duplex. Hosted the Google I/O 2018 by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, a mix reaction of audience are seen in the event when Pichai start to call and book a hair cut appointment to a salon. When the AI Assistant make a call to the salon and set an appointment there. The hair salon receptionist have no idea that she was talking to a robot. When you carefully listen to the conversation you can hear a person like sound that the Assistant do like using "umhh" with a slightly pause before a sentence and the fast recognition of understanding of the receptionist answers.

When watching the video I do feel like somewhat amazed about the ability of a computer thinking program, the ability to analyzed the feedback of who's he talking to and the way he answer it with a sound of real human voice and terrified on the same time because if you did not actually listen carefully or don't have a glimpse of doubt that you are talking to a robot you are probably thinking that he is a normal customer that booking a haircut.

If you wonder what is Artificial Intelligent is? I will refer to you to my previous article about What is AI?. This huge step of Google in deep learning is another step of mankind of what technology capable of.

A lot of viewers of said event was astonished of what Google came off in Project Duplex but is it really a revolutionary innovation? I guess its not its only an update of what they already accomplished, why? look at their previous projects like Google lens that can tell you about what or where is the photo you have taken. The self driving car that can maneuver it self and there's also their end product of home assistant Google Home speaker. Its some of their deep learning products that out in the market right now. Updated capabilities of Project Duplex is Google best interest now against its competitors. They are more ahead of them.

So the question is how can it affect you as mere individual? My answer is a lot. In the world that technology is in our gasp and molded a lot of sector of our society moving forward with this innovation will affect some industry. Here in Philippine BPO company are one of the main industry that gives a lot of job to Filipinos with this Project Duplex capable, it can ring a bell that some of BPO people will replace for an artificial intelligence program.

So it means if I'm working on BPO I should prepare to leave? and it can be the dawn of humanity? I believe and guess not, why? I said it before its only an innovation that means its not perfect and a lot of upgrades is needed. There an article by Hogan Injury that tells about the limitation of artificial intelligence in workplace and they narrow for us of what area this deep learning is limited of. Here is the link of the said article workplace-robotics-artificial- intelligence/.

If your afraid of what technology cable of now I guess we can't run from it. Google take the first unveiling of their deep learning product and other will somehow reveal their in due time.