The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Mining


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Do you know how artificial intelligence (AI) could revolutionize an established industry, improving efficiency and safety? You might want to keep reading to find out who has been EPICLY DISRUPTING the artificial intelligence mining industry!

This allows enterprises to plan for downtime wisely. It saves both time and money. It could also protect employees by issuing a warning. This might be one example of AI and machine learning in action. The evaluation of ore fragmentation is another option. This breakthrough enables for automatic evaluation. It only takes a few seconds.

Machine learning prediction and AI might be used frequently in the mining sector. Algorithms with significant benefits could be designed. These algorithms use real-time PI data to automatically notify operators or maintenance teams of impending downtime well before a problem arises. The advantages are enormous. Check disclaimer on profile & landing page.


Computers could be programmed with artificial intelligence (AI) to execute intelligent activities or make complex decisions.

Another great information! It is said that artificial intelligence could be use to efficiently automate monotonous chores and even remove boring duties from humans' schedules, allowing them to be more creative.

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