Black and White / 블랙앤화이트

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Black and White Drawing Contest


Hello, this is Artisteem! How is everyone doing this fine Tuesday?
In this contest, we would like you to submit a drawing in classic Black and White. Show us those nice contrast and lines!

Please refer to the examples below.

📅 Submission period

2018.11.13 3:00 UTC - 2018.11.20 03:00 UTC

❗️ Rules

  • up to 3 artworks per person
  • Must be uploaded on the contest page. Please refer to link on how to participate in a contest.

Contest Voting Standards

  • We will reward 10 excellent artists daily with voting worth about $10
  • We will reward excellent comments with voting worth about $0.50

🏆 Contest Rewards

1st place (1 person) - 50 STEEM
2nd place (1 person) - 30 STEEM
3rd place (1 person) - 20 STEEM

Rewarded based on 50% ranking and 50% Artisteem
We highly recommend users to write a detailed description of the work to get a high score.
1 RESPECT=2Pts, 1SBD=10Pts, Comment=1Pt


Source: Unsplash Daria Tumanova
Source: Unsplash Rawpixel
Source: Unsplash Kaizen Nguyen

Screening criteria


Is the concept or idea of the work totally new?
Does the work have a meaningful distinction?
Is the idea out-of-the-box or witty?

Artistic Design

Is the use of colors harmonious? The composition of the work?
Is the work of any superior in aesthetic value?


Is the artwork fun and impressive to the public?
Does it inspire the public with design?
Can the artwork lead public interest and empathy?


precautions of artworks
Contents that contain lewd, abomination, or slang
Slanderous or malicious content for a particular person.
Is there any wrong concept in the contents(e.g., work with a strong religious, political, and sexual orientation)?
Content with excessive advertising/commercial content
Incomplete artwork is not allowed (e.g., screenshots, photocopied and pasted photos)


Your post will be prohibited if uploaded works are copied or stolen
An unauthorised publication
Multimedia whose origin is unclear, such as without copyright permission

*This is to inform you that the applicant is responsible for any claims and arising issue from copyright violations.


블랙앤화이트 드로잉


안녕하세요 아티스팀입니다! 화요일 잘 보내고 계신가요?
이번 컨테스트에서는 흑백 작품을 제출해주시기 바랍니다. 드로잉 작품을 그려 흑백의 클래식함을 표현해주세요. 세련된 대조와 살아있는 라인을 뽐내보세요.

하단에 예시들을 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.

출품 기간

2018.11.13 3:00 UTC - 2018.11.20 03:00 UTC
(03:00 UTC는 한국시간으로 12:00pm입니다)

출품 기준

1인당 3작품 출품 / 콘테스트 Page Upload 작품 한정

콘테스트 보팅 기준

매일 우수작품 10명에게 $10 상당 보팅
우수댓글에 대해 $0.50 상당 보팅

콘테스트 시상

1st(1명) -50 STEEM
2nd(1명) - 30 STEEM
3nd(1명) - 20 STEEM


- 랭킹점수 50%, 아티스팀 50% 평가
Artisteem은 출품자의 작품에 대한 멋진 설명을 시상기준에서 높게 반영합니다.
1RESPECT=2점, 1SBD=10점, 댓글=1점


Source: Unsplash Daria Tumanova
Source: Unsplash Rawpixel
Source: Unsplash Kaizen Nguyen



작품의 컨셉이나 아이디어가 새로운가?
작품에 의미있는 차별화가 있는가?
기존의 사고방식에서 벗어나 재치가 넘치는가?


색채의 사용이 안정적이며 작품의 구도 및 구성이 완성도가 있는가?
작품의 장르를 초월하여 미적 가치가 우수한가?


대중들이 보기에 작품이 즐겁고 인상적인가?
대중들에게 디자인적인 영감을 주는가?


콘텐츠 업로드시 주의 사항(금지사항)
음란, 혐오성 표현이 내재되거나 비속어가 포함된 내용
특정인에 대해서 비방성 혹은 악의적인 내용이 포함된 경우
작품의 내용에 잘못된 개념은 없는가(예: 종교적, 정치적, 성적 성향이 짙은 작품)
지나친 광고성/상업적 내용이 포함된 내용
완성도가 현저히 떨어지는 작품 (예: 스크린샷, 복사해서 붙여넣은 사진)

저작권 관련 유의사항

타 작품을 모방하거나 도용했을 경우
타인의 저작물을 허가 없이 등록한 게시물
저작권자의 허락을 받지 않는 등의 출처가 불분명한 멀티미디어
*저작권 위배로부터 야기된 권리 주장과 관련된 사항은 해당 작품 출품자에게 책임이 있음을 알려드립니다.


@artisteem Team, hope that you are doing great. And great to see one more contest. And after reading the title i am inspired to come up with an Poetry Piece and will share my poetry piece with a Black And White cover picture. What you say team?

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team.

Thank you @chireerocks, for your continued interest and participation.
We look forward to your wonderful poems and works. :)

Welcome Team. And thank you so much for your continuous appreciation and boost. Have a great time ahead team. 🙂


Hello! Wonderful work. Please go to > contest to submit. Thanks!

This seems a fun one, I ADORE doing black and white drawings.

Hello! We'll be waiting for your submissions on
Please follow @artisteem to get updates on development and notices.
Join our Discord server community for more information:

Interesting theme! Would like to submit my work

Hello! We'll be waiting for your submissions on

not that easy - it keeps failing - read my bug report on Discord.

Hello @artisteem how are you? . I recently met this great community and I like the challenges that place to promote much more art. One question, is there still a chance to participate in the black and white contest?

Hello! We always have contests running, so be sure to follow @artisteem to get updates on development and notices.
Join our Discord server community for more information:
Visit our website to check ongoing contests. Thanks!

@artisteem This is for the Artisteem Bug Report (I wrote a report, but you cannot put photos on Discord).
Artsteem fail.JPG

I got failed time and time again - could not upload either. I get you the whole story in a moment, since I shared it with a friend. See below ▼
since there was a new contest, I tried to enter. Like i described before about having problems not even getting to first base, I could not upload. It kept saying "Failed, try again". Eventually, I signed in on Chrome again under an incognito window, started from scratch uploaded a image and put ONE LINE OF TEXT IN - SAYING I WILL CONTINUE WRITING ON STEEMIT - so that worked. Rest of the story I did indeed on Steemit. Here is my entry:

After the renewal, we will have more detailed error message so we can find out what the exact problem is. Please understand this and for now, you can send us information by pressing F12 and copying the code inside. Thank you.

yay i was the second entry i hope to be the winner in this contest

Great! Thanks for posting your artwork :)

Wow awesome, I wish I could participate.

Hello! We’ll be waiting for your submissions.

Thank you very much. ;)

What a great and exciting theme for this week.
Good luck to everyone who is entering =).

takes more than luck to even get a post in without a fail pop-up. Read my bug report entry.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. The error might be due to 1. login issue 2. RC issue 3. On Steemit, you can only post after 5 minutes you posted something and 3 minutes for comments.

Wow amazing contest and great platform. Yes, there are many amazing contest conducted by artisteem and i am really honoured to join in artisteem. But i am have posted many artwork which weren't appreciated so i had posted my artwork for this contest too.Hope you see them
Contest post 1
Contest post 2
Contest post 3

Hello! Please see
5-1, 5-2 about the changes in the Voting Policy (note: subject to change) Please keep up with submissions and thank you for your participation.

Hello, If this is for the contest, please click the "Participate" button from the contest page. Thanks! (BnW contest is over, so please enter the new contest.

Great post. It doesn't seem like you are getting the likes it deserves though. Have you checked out the upvote communities? You should check out steemengine. or

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