Red hot

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Artwork ImageDried chillies are the background of delicious Thai food. It makes the food smell good and has hot and spicy.

This photo I took by my smartphone.

Thank you all for watching and support 😊


yummy🌶 I 🌶love 🌶chilies 😊

Oh! me too👍 Thank you😁

nice click...!! it's really hot

It's dangerous for someone😅

Dried chiles have a great taste. I've prepared a very good hot sauce with that.

I've read about Thai food and I think it should be tasty. I'd like to try it one day.

It is indispensable for Thai food.
Spicy but Delicious

What dish would you recommend for my first try at Thai food?

If you like spicy foods, I recommend "Somtum" (Papaya salad). It's very delicious.

It reads interesting. Thanks for the recomendation.

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555 ใช่เลยครับ ^___^