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Hello friend ....

This time I'm back to share a bit of inspiration about painting for all of us and I hope it has its benefits.

In this Opportunity I will share some pictures of paintings, this time I paint again the figure of a female face, I think this painting is perfect and very interesting.


Be a connoisseur of art, so that you are used to seeing your life from the corners that make it an art.
an artist who gives the best masterpiece will get a place in the hearts of art lovers, for me art is everything, carved by hand, seen with the eyes and enjoyed by the heart ..



My painting paper will always carve that perfection, it is endless indeed to form a beautiful painting it.My painting is too beautiful to always carve it.I admire my painting, because every time I see the smile of my painting I always make it in a painting paper will continue to carve the beautiful paintings.


Be an art connoisseur, so that you are accustomed to seeing your life from the angles that make it an art, an artist who gives his best masterpiece will get a place in the hearts of art lovers.

Thank you...


Splendid! Awesome sketch! I really like her ❤ Gorgeous work.
Great effects! looks so awesome. beautiful creativity, love your style.

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