Weeklong Artstorm Contest #2

in #artstorm2 years ago


"Feel the Power" was the original title of this funny creation we made with few friends who are also photographers. You may say it is a cliche, but see the beautiful sunset behind, much better this way, right? And the beautiful calm beach in Greece was wonderful too...

Happy Sunday and successful week!

More fun at my phlog: https://hadjiyvanov.com/

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Wow. I love the picture quality of your post. It's beautiful.. Did u say u took this picture yourself?? If yes.. Then u must be creative. Have fun.. I'm contesting too.. I hope I win!

Thank you! Yes, @gerliepepito :)
If not resteemed, all photos I share in Steemit are mine. I am a pro photographer ;)
I would like to be even more creative, I always think I could do much much better. Perhaps I'm too much of a perfectionist myself. :)))

...and thank you for resteeming my creation! <3

You are welcome. I followed you.. Just to get a glimpse of some good photos when u upload them.. Thanks a bunch!

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