F**k Facebook and Fix Your Pencils

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So I've officially been shadowbanned on Facebook. I got no notification, but for over a week I've noticed that any shares of mine get set to viewable by "only me" and I have to change them to "friends" even though that is my default setting.

Then today I realized I cannot comnent on pages I like. It's literally grayed out.

In case you think this is a right winger thing, I am super left.

Color me suspicious, but the first post it happened on was me sharing about the RCMP attacking the Wet'suwet'en.

So, ya know, fuck Facebook either way.

IN OTHER NEWS, fixing your broken colored pencils in the oven totally works:


I finally sharpened the first batch I had baked ages ago, and they're mended! So I baked a second batch today.

If your pencils keep breaking when you sharpen them, here's the how to:

∆Cover a baking pan with aluminum foil

∆Line up your pencils on it

∆Without preheating, bake at 250°F for ~5 minutes (it's 5 in my toaster oven; the original instructions say 2.5-7.5 minutes, and it varies by brand/softness of pencil/type of oven. My first batch at 5 minutes was all Rose Art brand. The second batch which I have yet to test sharpen has Rose Art, Crayola, Kodak, and Prismacolor all together so we'll see if they need more or less time)

∆Turn off the heat but let them stay in the oven until they are room temperature

If they aren't healed, try a second bake. :)

So there is your DIY tip for the day!

Have a good one and give Facebook the finger for me.

Phe :)


Hey hun, sorry you've joined the team of those who have been shadow banned.

I believe its been about 5 years here, and to be honest it was unfortunate to watch the internet be used this way when it once allowed free communication between people all around the globe.

I had begun to try to understand exactly what was happening, and why I was no longer visible to my friends unless they sought out my page...

Even then the AI was mapping these patterns, and everything we do. It's where I stopped almost using the website entirely ~ and it made me think of everything that fellow from the US warned us about what was happening to the internet.

I believe you regarding the subject matter, and it also has to do with key words as well.

I keep wanting to come back here, but I've been holding off and holding off and holding off ~ Glad I checked in today though!

It comes back to corporations owning the world, instead of people, and in a true democracy everyone would indeed be equal, and able to communicate without this censorship.


I need to try out this pencil trick!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it ~

Aw man, five years! That's awful!
Thanks for checking in here today.
I mostly stay on fb because of certain friends who are only there. I'm hoping this ban is temporary, but yeah - big brother sucks. I like Steem for it being decentralized, but usage is a very different thing here and I know a lot of people wouldn't go for it.
I hope the pencil trick works for you too! :)

It's more like a set group of individuals who purchased the internet when it was privatized.

It's the same group who in history have been assuming control over the people, so its not surprising it's just incredibly frustrating when you grew up in an uncensored open internet where everyone rich or poor were equal online.

Theses days, even in gaming it's not how skilled you are as a player, its how much money you have to spend to up your status.

Why the older folks have to teach the youngins about the world before the illusion and echo chamber robots were put to work.

Steemit I agree a lot of my friends wouldn't be interested, but I'm curious how it will work if I post my social media as steemit links? :)

Maybe its about time to try that project~

That's some messed up shit right there, shared dude! (and on fedbook too!)

Thanks for sharing! And who knows the cause, really, but I do find the timing suspicious. Though I read articles where people had the same for really arbitrary things like "unfollowing too many pages" so who tf knows!

That's a really cool tip about the pencils!

My FB posts weren't being sent to people who asked (I had a business account so no "friends") back in 2018 because I would not pay to upgrade my account and that was the main reason I came to steemit.

That sucks. Yeah they are really ridiculous to business pages there. Until you are a mega corp with a mega advertising budget, of course. Sigh.

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