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At first it started off as something to do because l was frustrated to much
damn noise in my house. Relatives whining about their problems they
created themselves. I needed a positive fix quickly to refocus on my passion
through art and get away from downers. The spark was lit.


What started off as some from the top of my head became more
and more detailed. I saw ways of making the illustration more eye
catching with each pen stroke.

The final part of the drawing was adding marker to the pen and ink
to make it complete. It felt good to mix mediums.


brilliant creativity

Thank you shaikatkm.

Very nice illustration.... you use just ink and marker .... wow ... it’s a great creativity....excellent art work ...

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superb post

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Very Nice illustration . Nice creativity .

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This looks absolutely mind bowling great artist you are

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Lovly post again friend I like it and resteemd

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wonderful art i like it

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Nice cute post I resteemd

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Hardworking post

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Wonder full post .good job

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I like how you turned a less than ideal situation into a great piece of art!

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Beautiful art post .look very nice

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Superb work my fellow luky fellow

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