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Looking back one year now, and what was going on last year, I was really concerned it was all unsustainable..

But realized, we might be able to build something great from it!

When the smoke cleared and ashes settled, we might have something we could look upon for verification we had chosen the right path forward.


Sure enough, it's been a crazy time the last 6 months, and yet, we understand we are on the right path.


As of Mar 6, 2019, we have accomplished so many things!

  • 5000+ artworks posted and available for viewing on (PLEASE VIEW FOR YOURSELF!)

  • An excellent management and curation team that carries us forward even during lean times.

  • TOP QUALITY artists and musicians posting to Steem network using the #artzone tag, alerting us they request to be reviewed and included in our daily gathering of the best Art and Music posts of the day.

Considering we are all volunteers, wishing to see our @artzone community grow, as Steem grows, I think we have demonstrated increadible success.

In 2019, we have new goals in mind we would like to share very soon; but today we focus on the pure joy of 1 YEAR of ARTzone and look back a bit:

  • many great artists continue to contribute world class content and we are so happy to help promote and bring attention to how powerful blockchain enabled social media communities will be in the future!

I will simply drop now a few great artworks I found tonight on our art viewer we intend to expand to a new way to browse art on the internet. It is just a rough view of the potential but we can include music, ratings, ranking and many more features in the weeks to come.


Amazing Artworks Posted Daily:

7ohP4GDMGPrUMp8dW6yuJTR9MKNu8P8DCXDU9qmmjYjq2u1Q7JrjJUWnQkaSaCmsJpgueyYXJprV5dZ8GfeVNzgrUWA2JvC9PHiz (1).jpeg

We could not have done it without @gbija and @nma, @artzonolino, and @edprivate, @jacobite and @twirble.
So many thanks goes out to @misrori and so many others, please forgive me if I have not credited you this evening as I attempt to express my thanks all around for a job well done.

Great Artists Curating For Artzone include @gvand (donating her own work as well):


@edprivate is Director of ARTzone and a world class musician as well:
EdPrivat Spanish Joint.png

Please visit his music site!

@artzonolino our previous director helped us get launched, situated and is a world class artist himself!

Thank you Mr. Zanolino!

zanolino Gio_profile.jpg


Incredible Cubism:


o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMwFWPHqKFwknsqxoYTRx (1).jpeg



surfyogi gallery eos steem (1).jpeg

Sincerely and at your service, SY-



Happy one year anniversary to us.
We appreciate everyone that has been part of this journey, our community members and curators.

We are nothing without you guys.

And special gratitude to @surfyogi, a man with a big heart (founder of the @artzone community)

Special shout out to @ackza and others who constantly contribute to this awesome community in the shadows

@jacobite is right.
Thanks to @ackza it just would not be the same without you!

yeah...he has beenbof great impact

Come groove on artzone discord server on Saturday, yaay!

give us an invite link?

Great community @artzone has been artist shining light, thanks for all your works over a year God bless the crew great job. Thanks to @surfyogi for giving us this.

Join us on Saturday to celebrate with us
Through this link;

Happy birthday dears! Many years with health, joy, and prosperity!!! All the best!

Congratulations to @artzone curators and followers, your contributions has made one year count. Many years ahead.


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Please come sing AGAIN at the ARTzone PARTY this weekend!

You have such a lovely voice. Heaven on the Earth Lovely...

Thanks to you! I enjoyed a lot sharing with you!!!

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Wow, @artzone is one year already. Congratulations and thanks to everyone that has made the journey a smooth ride

Very innovative art... Everyone can inspire through these arts. Great job @artzone for showing us so much talents.👍

Hurray.. It has been a great journey and l hope this celebration brings to us higher milestone. Thanks to all.

Yes!!!! We made it! Thanks guys for keeping it real with us.

yeah!!happy anniversary @artzone it's been an entertaining year

Such wonderful article with breathtaking artists and their creations!!!

Happy anniversary Artzone, happy one year of promotig and supporting arts.

Happy anniversary @artzone. More achievements in your new year

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