SeaBear Goddess

in #artzonelast year

seabear goddess showoff.jpg

bear goddess editSMALL.jpg

I'm pleased to share my most recent finished piece! My last product of 2019; I finished the last stroke and signed my name just under 2 hours away from the strike of midnight Jan 1, 2020. Perfect timing to say the least! I was so focused for the last few days before New Years Eve, determined to finish before the new year, the end of the decade. And I made it! YAY!

Hope you enjoy this fun, majestic piece as much as I had enjoyed painting it ;) hehe
I've got many good things to come with the start of this year! I look forward to sharing them here with all you steemians.
Cheers to 2020!!


Its so beautiful and dreamy, i really liked the detail with unicorn-whales:) Lets call them whalicorns,lol

"Whalicorns" – LOL. Or… how about the really-for-real and totally awesome "narwhals?"





Wowwww they really exist!! But they should change the name to whalicorns,lol

LOL – I agree, especially given the meaning of the name:

The name “Narwhal” comes from the Old Norse word nár which means “corpse”, referring to the mottled grey appearance of the whale which resembles that of drowned sailors. The scientific name Monodon Monoceros comes from Greek words meaning “one-tooth one-horn”.

this has been the best comment thread to read <3 Whalicorns is absolutely puuurfect!!

Super cute! Did you know seals and sea lions are closely related to bears?

omg I did not!! That makes this piece so much cooler! :o
Seabears just really may be a thing afterall! ;)


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